conditions for SV & DV

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by JUNIOR_TAPO, Jun 23, 2011.

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  1. ok fair do's deleted....
  2. It's not a question for answering on a public forum - in any form of correspondence
  3. Why? The vetting process isn't a secret. It's a process. The criteria is hardly a secret, as you can't circumvent the process. Eg. Mr terrorist gets a job with a company that requires vetting, lies on his vetting form to exagerate his length of time in the UK, the DVA check finds out he's lied, and he gets denied the clearance, and possibly fired from his job.

    It's nothing exciting.
  4. Google is your friend
  5. Well no but ...... the tone of a number questions were giving me a security boner
  6. thanks found it....
  7. You're strange ;)
  8. JSP 440 .... pure porn :)
  9. Oh dear! A cure for insomnia!
  10. "JSP 440 .... pure porn"

    You should have heard some of the questions I got at my DV interview...
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