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Conditional interview pass?

Got told I conditionally passed my interview and I'd have to attend an army insight course, is this the norm as I cant find any threads with anything similar?

My interview went smoothly, I answered all the questions I was asked (About ADSC, P1/2, how long training is, current/major operations, etc..) correctly and got told most of the people he interview can't answer half the questions he asked and things got informal and we started having general chit chat about things from football to him jokingly saying I should get a ring on my girlfriends finger for married accom.

Did I raise a red flag somewhere or is it standard to have an insight course before ADSC?

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I f**ked up my interview the first time and was given a second chance. Being nervous and trying to not say anything stupid by saying not a lot I too got a conditional pass. A RE RIC was arranged for me but that's in october and I couldn't wait. I kept phoning to talk to my CSM but couldn't get through. Eventually some helpful person heard me saying RAC and put me on their RIC in september. My first choice is RE but I think tanks are pretty cool and I'm interested in horses Household Cavalry.

Don't worry too much. You passed and that's what counts. The insight course from what I here should be a lot of fun. If you have an interest in more than one thing then say that and you will have more choice and can go on one sooner.

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