Condiments taken seriously

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Pyianno, Feb 17, 2012.

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  1. Ketchup row woman given suspended sentence after Barry Island chip shop incident (From Barry And District News)

    Ketchup row woman given suspended sentence after Barry Island chip shop incident

    THREE 20p sachets of tomato ketchup cost a claims advisor £675 and left her with a suspended prison sentence - after she admitted battering a Barry Island chip shop owner.

    Mum-of-two Marcia Anne Cowell, of Cardiff, was given a ten week prison sentence - suspended for a year - and ordered to pay £500 prosecution costs, after she admitted headbutting Craig O'Shea twice, punching him once and threatening to shove assistant Jessica Turner into the cafe's deep fat fryer.

    The incident happened on June 14 last year, after she had been asked to pay 60p for tomato sauce at O’Shea’s cafe. Cardiff & Vale magistrates also ordered the pregnant 29-year-old to pay Mr O'Shea £150 compensation for the injuries he sustained to his nose and ear, and £25 to replace the t-shirt he was wearing at the time of the assault, which she ripped.

    The court heard last Thursday (January 26) how Cowell, of Adamscroft Place, her husband, their baby daughter and her mother-in-law had visited the Island in June last year, and that the defendant had bought three bags of chips from O'Shea's before 1.30pm.

    She returned to the shop to get some tomato ketchup, but staff member Jessica Turner told her there was a charge of 60p for the three sachets.

    Prosecutor Sian Phillips told the court: "She said ‘I'm not paying for the ******* sauce. I waited 20 minutes for the food. You don't know what the **** you are doing’.

    "Ms Turner explained she had worked there for six years and did know what she was doing, but the defendant said ‘I'll come round there and put your ******* head in the fryer’."

    Concerned for her safety, Ms Turner texted her boss who arrived at the shop and spoke to Cowell.

    Ms Phillips said: "He told her ‘I'm not going to hit you because you are a woman’.

    "The defendant replied ‘I've eaten and **** things like you’."

    The court heard Cowell told Mr O’Shea that his assistant had sworn at her, and she then threatened Ms Turner ‘if she was ever out in Barry’.

    Mr O’Shea stood in her way, believing his assistant’s safety was at risk, but Cowell moved towards the shop and said: "I will kill her, I will now."

    Ms Phillips added: "The defendant moved her head forwards twice in quick succession in a head butting motion, and there was contact twice.

    "She pushed him to the side and he took a knock on the cheekbone, and she told him she ‘ate guys like him for breakfast’."

    She then ripped his chain and shirt, the court heard, before police arrived, arrested her, and took her to Barry police station.

    Defending Cowell, David Thomas said what happened that day was out of character.

    He said: "It may have been the hormones that affected her. Her baby was seven months old.

    "I don't think she can explain what happened.

    "It's been a salutory lesson coming to court. She's been humiliated."

    In sentencing, Bench Chairwoman Carol Gage told Cowell, who was previously of good character, that the incident had passed the custody threshold.

    "This was a really very nasty incident," she said.

    "It was in a public place, it was a busy day, and in front of children and other people.

    "We have given you an opportunity. Please take it. The future is in your hands."

    Following the hearing, 40-year-old Craig O'Shea - who has owned his Island business for 18 years - said he would like to thank Barry police for their quick response on the day, and PC Nick Williams and fellow traders for their support since.

    "I was happy with the verdict," he said.

    "It was the first time something has happened and hopefully it will never happen again."

    He has pledged to donate his £150 injury compensation to Ty Hafan children's hospice.

    Britain's finest!
  2. After seeing the word "Barry" the whole thing unfolded with a tedious inevitablity.
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  3. One thing I hate about a lot of the places in the U.K. (fast food/ restaurant types) is the fact that they are a bunch of cheapskates, want to make you pay for even stuff like ketchup and water, on top of the already expensive prices. You can't even flipping order tap water here in McD's (not that I go there a lot), have to pay for bottled water.

    Stingy, stingy bastards!

    Yes, I know, I can f-off back to America. I will, at some point, don't worry.
  4. I have to say I actually agree with you, it is annoying that condiments are not included, but there again it varies from place to place as well.
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  5. Fuck me a bit young to be nutting a chippy owner.
  6. No you are quite right, having recently returned from working in America I am shocked and ashamed at the level rip-off Britain has descended to.
  7. Somehow, it's always the people who get arrested/ end up in news, who seem to have public FB profiles. Weird, that.
  8. Well in the land of the banjo pluckers you end up with more sachets of ketchup than you could possibly smear on your burger in a month of Sundays, whether you ask for them or not.

    I watched them loading up one of those big cruise liners, like the one that tipped over, and there must have been 60,000 johnny packets of ketchup being hoyed aboard.
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  9. Truly shocking how some businesses charge people for the condiments (that they have to purchase) as customers require them and don't just shove the cost onto every customer. Shocking, what a rip off.
    I shall email the Daily Mail immediately, it's probably the fault of immigrants, on benefits and could cause house prices to change. That'll stoke up their outrage
  10. Having experienced the horror of watching Americans smother a broiler full of the free breakfast buffet in a plate edge to plate edge coverage of syrup and ketchup before even having tasted the actual food I can confirm that any Merkin is indeed a cheeky bastard to get arsey about people charging for condiments.

    If it's free show restraint and good taste, dont scoff half a litre of the stuff with every sitting and cram you pockets full of sachets just because you don't have to pay.
  11. Nah, they're just being over greedy pigs. Simple. One thing the service businesses in this country can learn a lot is in the area of customer service. It's just plain crap (mostly).
  12. Yep, I agree too. Tight bastards need a lesson in hospitality.

    Scrawny bit of fish covered in soggy fucking batter, chips so greasy they stick to the roof of your mouth and a dozen peas in dark green water. Fish, chips and mushy peas, the British takeaway at it's finest.

    Bloody expensive for her in the end though.
  13. I agree with most of you said. We do have a tendency to overdo a bit on the ketchup front. But having to ask for a "couple" of sachets of ketchup, and getting "one" f-ing sachet, and getting charged for it is a bit too much. Anywhere.

    /Anyways, that's the last of my ketchup rant for the week. Need to get on with my boozy evening. Cheers! :p
  14. Slightly off thread, but I've always wondered about those cruise ships. 5,000 passengers? That might make up to 10,000 credit cards; more if they're seppoes.

    And all they do is float about (hopefully) with the world's best cuisine at their trowel tips and then just cover it all in ketchup.

    A cruise ship? 5000 knobheads, 10000 credit cards, 150 million sachets of ketchup and a tart from the Czech Republic singing Whitney Houston 'classics'.
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