Condi: UN Dealt N. Korea "Resounding Defeat"

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Not_Whistlin_Dixie, Oct 16, 2006.

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  1. From CBS News:

    Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said that a U.N. Security Council resolution which imposes sanctions against North Korea has the rouge (sic) state isolated even from its closest ally, China.


    "It will be enforced because member states have an obligation to enforce it," Rice told Face The Nation host Bob Schieffer. "I think there are some matters that will need to be worked out… But this is a really resounding defeat for North Korea. And it's a resounding victory, really, for the international community and its efforts to deal with proliferation matters."

    "Rice Says N.Korea Defeated By U.N.
    "Secretary Of State Says North Korea Is Isolated" 15 October 2006
  2. "Peace in our time!!" :roll:
  3. She just can't help herself can she?

    "A resounding defeat" great words to a nation where face is all. Now watch them really throw teddies.

    Well done Condi , how in the sphincter of Hades, did you ever get that job?
  4. Wishful thinking.

    At the moment the NORKs are riding high after their nuclear test.In the next week or so they will probably explode another bomb to show the world how serious they are.Meanwhile the only country that has any real influence over them (China) is getting cold feet about the sanctions it supported only a few days ago.

    Condi's comments are meant for the domestic audience in an effort to shore up the Republican's image as a party of national security.
  5. Blow-jobs for Bush the Berk?

  6. How can sanction that will cause further famine and no doubt cause even more people to die of starvation and possibly cause a massive refugee crisis on the China/North Korea border. Be classed as a sucess ...oh thats right I'll bet some oil has been found eh Condi
  7. Read up on the subject before commenting.

    The sanctions cover military hardware and luxury goods, not staple foods, medical equipment or everyday items!
  8. No quite true, South Korean's are asking that the mutial aid programme which has been sending food etc to be stopped they have been protesting in the streets over this
  9. This is 'Team America' for real - now watch 'em fcuk this one up too!
  10. I bet they are already thinking about sending in Jack Bauer, he'll sort em out good and proper. I wonder if the North Koreans have infiltrated CTU yet ?
  11. Yes, with diplomatic language like that no wonder the USA is always getting ready for the "next big one". I'd hate to hear her when she is being hawkish!!
  12. I think Condi's comments are for domestic consumption and more importantly the mid term elections.
  13. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

    [quote="Agent_SmithRead up on the subject before commenting.

    The sanctions cover military hardware and luxury goods, not staple foods, medical equipment or everyday items![/quote]

    What's the point then? We prevent the Iranians and the Chinese selling them weapons, since sanctions worked so well on them and we stop Mercedes and BMW selling cars to the generals. Hoo ah! That'll make them think twice about developing nukes.