Condi In Moscow Tells Putin To Scram

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Not_Whistlin_Dixie, Apr 19, 2005.

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  1. From Reuters.

    Sec of State Condoleezza Rice, in a visit to Russia, declared that she found the efforts of President Vladimir Putin to accumulate additional power "very worrying."

    She urged him "not to cling to power beyond his present term."

    "Rice Attacks Putin Over Grip On Power, Media" by Saul Hudson. 19 April 2005

    You heard the lady, Vladmo.

    Now beat it.

  2. For the sake of the world I am far more worried about Bush's tight grip on power and would much rather see him ousted..
  3. What an odd statement pomp. You favor a former KGB thug to Bush ? That would be like saying you preferred Gerry Adams to Blair. But then again you probably do.
  4. ouch that hurts :roll:
  5. Hi!

    Rating of mr.Putin goes lower and lower. Last poll of Russian MoD (classified soon) shows that only 20% officers approve recent monetisation of natural benefits (as local transport and housing).

    My uncle worked 53 years on very big nuclear plant near Tomsk. He is local head of party of pensioners and organised demonstration aganst policy of Putin's government. There was huge wave of demonstrations of pensioners across Russia. Pensioners think that Putin robbed them. My father, former colonel of KGB stays on anti-Putin positions. Also, my brother lt.colonel (strategic nuclear missiles) strongly dislike (softly speaking) mr.Putin.

    In this context, words of ms.Rice are words of martian. There is no problem with 'freedom of speech', with access to information, to news. For example almost any Russian can hear BBC-Russian (along with Voice of America or CIA-sponsored Radio Freedom). State-run TV-5 brodcasts 5 hours per day Euro-news. And Russian TV is very informative, believe me.
  6. Well said the guys a proper belend . Him and his "Democracy to the world!!! " As long as its American Democracy (And oil rights for halli burton) [​IMG]
  7. Hey, you may not like W but at least he runs a democratic country where the people elect their president and there is a limit on how long he/she can serve. Therefore W can only serve for two terms before leaving office. Thus ensuring that no one individual can hold on to power.

    I wish we had that rule! :roll:
  8. Yes and No and b@llocks.
  9. Ah! Spam democracy; money, money, money; as the sexy Swedes would have it.
  10. KGB_resident wrote:

  11. American democracy? What an interesting concept. I doubt it'll ever catch on though!!

    You can fool some of the people some of the time but you can fool americans all of the time :D :D



  13. very witty sergey! :D

    Now can you turn your hand to some of our alternative election posters?

  14. Some of them (posters) are superb. Also, the list is too long. I'm not sure that this is not mentioned

    Left: Conservative candidate Ed Matts with Ann Widdecombe protesting in support of the Kacheps family, who were facing deportation.
    Right: The same picture, doctored to support the party line, on Mr Matts' election leaflet.