Condensed Phase 1 and timing issues

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Ian1983, Apr 5, 2009.

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  1. A question
    I went away on weekend one this weekend, but due to paperwork issues, I was asked to leave as I and someone else from my regiment were about to begin the risk reduction run on Saturday morning.
    I was told there is a condensed weekend 1-6 course in May and I'm considering doing it. My goal is to hopefully attempt the main board for the second and hence final time next year and would like as much experience as possible with my parent regiment.
    My concerns are if I put myself forward for the 9 day course, how much prior prep is required (can you turn up as a person with the same or lack thereof knowledge as someone attending a normal weekend one)?
    And should I pass the tests at the end of weekend 6, assuming all goes well, the earliest period I could undergo CIC would be at the middle of July-beginning of August (as for infantry I have a further 3 weekends to forefil). With this is mind, I was under the impression that there were no CIC's during the summer period, and if so, would I have to wait until October to undergo CIC (which would be approximately 10 weeks since finishing weekends 1-9).

    I plan to address all of these questions to my parent regiment come next week, but I've found asking around sometimes gives other ideas you might not have thought of.

  2. I am also going for the 2 week camp in may for RT training. Any more additional information would be useful.
  3. just heard about this brand new condensed phase 1 for TA on Saturday, not much info out there as it's the first time it's been run, anyone going on it for the first time in May will be guinea pig at a guess.

    Not much help apart from this, sorry old bean.

    I'll be asking at my Local TA centre for more info.

    Good luck with your phase 1
  4. I was told 9 days. I assume that's saturday-a week sunday

    I see. That's a new bit of information that I didn't have before.

    Thanks for the good luck. Either way I will be going again for phase 1, just when and how long it will take is the issue.
  7. I've been told that at Malta barracks its 9 days for non infantry and 14 days for infantry
  8. I'll have to confirm when I speak to my parent regiment but, would it be possible to do weekend 1-6 (phase one) on the trot, but do the following weekends 7-9 (phase 2) as per usual (ie over 6 weeks).
  9. Poochie, that’s about right. Infantry defiantly have there training longer than the 9 days, so I heard.
  10. I can confirm for you that 4Div RTC (SE) at Malta Bks in Aldershot run a series of condensed Ph1 A & B training. for non infantry it is 9 days, the infantry stay on to complete 14 days.

    These are not a new thing, we have been running them for a number of years.

    Enquire for dates via your CoC.
  11. After attending parade night last night I have been told that from the 8th-22nd May there is a 14 day course which is covers weekend 1-6 and there won't be a full infantry course run by the battalion until October time which would be 14 days as well.

    Is there any real benefit to undergoing weekends 1-6 in a condensed manner opposed to as normal. Due to timings it seems I would have finished weekend 9 about 4 weeks prior to the normal RT cycle.
    I didn't have the chance to ask yesterday, but what are the rules regarding recruits taking part in battalion weekends prior to completing weekend 7-9 but having completed 1-6. My query is due to a 6 week delay between the condensed 1-6 finishing and my battaloins weekend 7-9 commencing where I feel I would be twisting in the wind.
  12. Yes I was also told those dates.

    Concerning battalion weekends, the current lads in my unit needs to complete week 7 to take part with the battalion; but that was with the old cycle. Now there's a new one where infantry have to complete 9 weekends, were I am not totally sure. Probably I thought you would need to complete all the 9 weekends which only started in April.

    But I’m sure there are more people on here that know more than me.
  13. My issue is with time off work (seeing as I would like to do the October CIC). Would you happen to know how full the course is at present? I need to ring up colchester, but 1) I don't have their number to hand and 2) I'm at work so can't really discuss those issues here.