ConDem Regime Tells Britons to Brace For “Painful” Spending

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Baker_Rifle, Jun 6, 2010.

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  1. ConDem Regime Tells Britons to Brace For “Painful” Spending Cuts — As They Give £100 Million to Gaza ConDem Prime Minister David Cameron has warned Britons to prepare themselves for “painful” domestic spending cuts — while his Government has just approved a £100 million foreign aid package to Gaza.

    Writing in a Sunday newspaper, Mr Cameron warned of "pain" as his administration tackled Britain’s debt.

    Earlier, ConDem Chancellor George Osborne said that “wasteful spending” was to be the target of the first wave of budget cuts.

    University places are to be reduced by at least 10,000, and Child Trust Funds are to be axed, but the biggest cuts will be in the Transport budget (£683 million), Communities and Local Government (£780 million), Business (£836 million), Education (£670 million) and Justice (£325 million).

    There will also be a freeze on recruitment to the civil service and an active “job loss” programme in that sector as well.

    The effects on the private sector will also still ripple out, as many companies depend on Government contracts for their livelihood.

    All of these cuts will not affect the £9.1 billion foreign aid budget, which the ConDem regime has ringfenced and promised to increase to £13 billion in due course.

    To add insult to injury, the ConDem’s International Development Secretary Andrew Mitchell has announced that British taxpayers are to give a further £19 million in foreign aid to Gaza.

    In a DFID press release, Mr Mitchell said that the money will go to the UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA).

    This money forms part of a 5-year, £100 million DFID funding agreement with UNRWA.

    British taxpayers will be ecstatic to hear that the agreement includes “annual core contributions” and “performance-related payments,” based on a Performance Assessment Framework agreed between the DFID and UNRWA.

    The £19 million payment is the “core contribution for 2010” and has just been approved by Mr Mitchell.
  2. Un - believable!!
  3. Dont forget all the other total waste of money to the EU and other AID to places like India, who have their own SPACE programme & China who has more than enough cash to look after its own problems! Politicians, idiots in the main! FFS CHARITY SHOULD BEGIN AT HOME, before we splash out on the corrupt, overpopulated third world!
  4. most of the aid is wasted or dodgy in the first place.

    if one of the kunts mentions we all in this together might just have to take up taxi driving :twisted:
  5. Most of the ring fenced stuff seems to belong to long term commitments and agreements already made. I am more interested in seeing how the bipartite govt will tackle social welfare and NHS spending.
  6. Maybe it's about time to rethink those previous arrangements then.
  7. Funding through the UN - oh goody! More big white 4x4s to trundle around Gaza soon then.

    Toyota and Mitsubushi will be delighted with our generosity.
  8. Despite my verbal joustings with Tubbs I truly think the genuine Gazans (Not Hamas) deserve this more than India or China.
    I know all about generating trade; but when all these newly elected multi millionaires (Look up how much each of the "Cabinet of the people" have put away!!)
    cut Public Services:
    Who'll stop crime?
    Who'll Nurse you?
    Who'll rescue you from that coach/train/car crash?

    Gawds Sakes!
  9. You may well be right, but it aint going to happen. The best we can hope for is that Dave & Co will refrain from entering into more such long term commitments. Sadly.
  10. I think the biggest issue with the aid fund is that it is not adequately explained to the Public. In these cash strapped times we are increasing cynical as to the motive for any government expenditure not transparently necessary.

    The difficulty is, I suspect, that the full ramifications (and the real benefits to UK) cross into that sphere of diplomatic relations where full disclosure would not be in the National Interest, however desirable for us all to know it. There are normally second and third party considerations that weigh as much, if not more than those of the beneficiary.

    Any state that fully disclosed the full rationale behind all its dealings with others would rapidly find itself firstly a laughing stock and then a pariah, something GB certainly cannot afford. Sadly, I think this is a case of "damned if they do, damned if they don't"...
  11. Then the public should be made fully aware of where their money is actually going, if they are expected to endure the predicted hardships.
  12. True enough. Having worked in the sector I can say with conviction that some areas of aid funding are not what they seem. Nuff said.
  13. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    That money could go towards salary parity with my other Civil Service colleagues. Especially as we are doing the same job. But no, that is too easy. Why use money for domestic purposes when we are in financial dire straits when we can p1ss it away overseas and pay the EU £300 million in 'fines' for poor Air Quality (whilst they also demand us to stump up billions to bail out their sinking ship of a Union)? Good to see the priorities are in the right order.
  14. Oh brilliant someone has dreamt up a moniker for the new government, yipee.

    5 years to go until the next election so we can have a new one, great.

    So if the government of the UK have decided something just say so, please.

    I've just put up with the last few years of Liebore etc and hoped the purile name calling would end but as per usual I'm sadly disappointed.
  15. Does anybody know how much "Aid money" their brother arabs/muslims give to Gaza.
    We as a people should be given full transparency on where this money is going. CMD wants a government of openness, well David and co. be open and tell us the tax payer what this money is being spent on.


    If the UN agencies cant/wont divulge this information then the aid cheques should be stopped.