Concussion Bin in Rugby

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Markintime, Aug 20, 2012.

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  1. The Premiership will be trialling a 'concussion bin' this season. I don't really see the benefit of such a thing, certainly not to the player who may have a severely delayed concussion. Resting the player for ten minutes then putting him back into the possibility of further head trauma seems bad for the player to me.

    Any thoughts?
  2. The only point I can see to it is in giving the medicos a better chance to assess whether or not a player is actually concussed rather than having to make the decision (possibly) under pressure, on the pitch.

    Edit:- I can think of one international recently, was either 6N or the RWC, can't remember which game though, during which BOD fought to stay on when it did look a lot like he "wasn't quite right".
  3. Do they allow a free substitution when the player is taken off?

    Will teams be able to exploit this in the last 10 mins for a free swap-out ala blood-gate?
  4. Yes, I think so, a temporary (5 min) substitution that becomes permanent if the doc calls concussion.
  5. That's the idea of it, five mins to carry out a better examination.
  6. Players will be required to leave the field for five minutes to undergo cognitive tests if the team doctor or referee suspects they may have suffered concussion.

    If that initial suspicion is confirmed in a pitch-side assessment, the concussed player will not be allowed to return and the temporary substitution will be made a permanent one.

    Pretty much along the lines of the blood injury expcept he only get s 5 minutes instead of 15. I think this will work alright as long as "Concussiongate" doesn't take place

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  7. Probably has some merit then, as I stuck in my edit concerning BOD they (the medics) can get put under pressure to make a call, either for time or the player themselves not wanting to leave the field.
  8. It also gives props time to count how many fingers.
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  9. Right enough, Mushy's at Sharks now...

    Edit:- Although how you'd actually go about causing Mushy a concussion without a Kango hammer...
  10. I always got to 9 before I gave up.
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