Concurrent activities in London (minus violent crime)

Discussion in 'ARRSE Social, Events & Networking' started by FatBoyGeorge, Sep 28, 2009.

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  1. The new and improved Mrs. FBG and I are off to London in a few weeks to see Green Day in concert at the O2, and are staying at Ramada (Docklands) for the entire weekend. So apart from the gig, that gives us two full days and one night to do as we please down in the smoke.

    I'm after ideas on places to go that are not the obvious tourist choices; places to water/feed ourselves and to vist without the risk of getting stabbed or bummed. We're also off to see Muse, again at the O2, in November so we effectively have two weekend to complete as many concurrent activities as possible.

    I know you bunch of urchins will come up with the goods, so thanks in advance. Let me know if any other arrsers are going to the same gigs too.

  2. Food: check out Borough Market (Fri, Sat AM)......all good stuff, plenty of nice bits to take home, muchly worth a visit.

    Culture: John Soames museum, V&A.

    Dinner: Star of India in Old Brompton Rd (best curry in London).

    Travel: use the ferries on the Thames rather than the tube.
  3. Cheers Banker, the Thames Clippers seem like a good idea. They run a service from Waterloo Pier to the O2 in the few hours leading up to gigs so that will be handy.

  4. If your around Victoria area there is a great little cafe that would be easy to miss if you didn't know about it, great food and pretty cheap, perfect for a midday lunch etc while your out and about, we have been there with the kids a few times and it's always been friendly with fast service and lovely food.

    It's in Grosvenor Place.
  5. FBG........tell me what you're into (not the feltching stuff) and I'll have more specific suggestions.
  6. Go and visit the Chelsea Hospital and say hello to the In-Pensioners, it'll cheer you up no end.
  7. Me: good food, good beer, a bit of local history wouldn't go amiss. Fast cars and big explosions would be good too.

    The Mrs: Will do as instructed, she's good like that.

    Liking the idea about the Chelsea Pensioners, could book myself in for 2041. Will go and visit the Cenotaph for the November trip, just a shame we're missing the ceremony by a week.
  8. Well, if you're going to Chelsea Hospital, then about a ten minutue walk the Star of India on Old Brompton Road is great for a curry. History, you can't go past the museums in South Kensington (Brompton Road), with the V&A around the corner. Lots of pubs with good beer, you won't have trouble there.

    Drop Doris off at Harvey Nicks for a bit of shopping (read "looking") and I'll take you for a spin around the place in the DB9....that'll take care of the fast car thing. Explosions will be courtesy of aforementioned curry. PM me if interested.
  9. If your going to the Hospital drop in to the National Army musuem next door. Also take the oppotunity to look at what was DoY Barracks and is now a superb upmarket collection of doris orientated shops.
  10. I see that and raise you Tayyab's, or indeed, Lahore, both in Whitechapel. When and all that...
  11. If so, there a couple of rather nice pubs in Wapping, on the riverfront. Try:

    The Prospect of Whitby
    The Town of Ramsgate
    The Captain Kidd

    All here:
  12. If you want a bit of history write to the Governor of the Tower of London and ask for tickets for the Ceremony of The Keys. Tickets are free. From memory it's from 8.45 p.m. - 9.30 p.m. They allow about 30 people in each night to watch it (BE AWARE - NO CAMERAS).

    Being in the Tower at night with no tourists around really lets you get a feel for the real atmosphere of the place, especially on a winter's evening.

    You can also do the history bit AND drink by doing some of the old pubs. I used to take American friends to Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese off Fleet Street (rebuilt around 1666), the Olde Mitre Tavern off Hatton Garden (rebuilt around 1772) and the George Inn, London's only surviving galleried coaching inn in Borough High Street

    If wine is more your - or SWMBO's - thing, I can recommend Gordon's Wine Bar in Villiers Street next to Charing Cross station. It opened its doors in 1890.
  13. Or El Vino's, on Fleet St...
  14. F*ck me, snap ! Ive been roped into that on the strength of a free ticket and a nice pad for the night, would you like to celebrate the gig afterwards by coming back to my friends apartment and watching your other half being plugged at either end ?
  15. Sounds like fun, but I'm not much of a voyeur. I think I'd rather go back to our hotel room, bounce my missus off the walls then do her up the tradesman.

    Thanks for the invite, but I'd settle for a beer afterwards/beforehand.