Conclusive proof that Charles is fit to be King

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Whiskybreath, May 19, 2006.

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  1. Telegraph story


    Cohen's been King for decades. Stupid bugger should have kept an eye on his financial manager, though...
  2. YAY! HRH gets my vote
  3. Agree with you tastes 'Whiskey', have you heard Jennifer Warnes 'Famous Blue Raincoat' album of old Lens songs...great stuff.
  4. King Dick and his Million airs.
  5. I've never tired of his lyrics. Even his crazed books (but you have to be six sheets to the wind before you get to page 2, otherwise they don't make sense). The only guitar I've learned is his music. The trouble is that playing it doesn't make you the central attraction of the party, such as you would be if you played Jake Thackray or Hamish Imlach; you tend to get locked in cupboards instead. Or maybe it's my picking.
    One or two other people have recorded his stuff, but never caught it, in my humble etc. Dylan comes close. I can see why Charles is a believer.

    ("Wimoweh"?? For shame. "Ag, pleez, Daddy", maybe.)