Concil Bans Flying British Army Flag - (on private property)

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From the Torygraph this morning 17 Sep 08:

Council bans British army flag

A man has been ordered to take down a British Army flag he was flying in support of troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Council officials warned Dave Dingvean, 46, that flying the 'non-ceremonial' flag of the British Army outside the front of his house was in "breach of planning control" and he would end up in court if he did not remove it.

Mr Dingvean, a volunteer for the British Army Association, was told that the national flag of any country was acceptable but not regimental flags of the armed forces.

The demolition contractor from Tolleshunt Major near Maldon, Essex, said it was a 'treacherous' decision.

"A friend gave it to me and I decided to fly it to support our troops" he said "Someone must have seen it and reported me because within two days I had a letter from the council telling me to take it down."

The letter from planning officers Maldon Council said: "It has come to the attention of the council that a tall flag pole has been erected at the front of the above property. A site inspection has shown that a red Army flag is being flown.

"Such a flag does not benefit from any sort of consent under the Town and Country Planning Regulations 2007."

Mr Dingvean, a member of the British Army Association, which promotes the welfare of troops and bring ex-servicemen together, has expressed his anger at the decision.

"This is treacherous. It is petty minded, they are not thinking about the troops. And no one in the village has complained to me.

"So I can fly the flag of Iraq, Baghdad or Afghanistan but not the army flag. It's ridiculous. It's a show of support," he said.

In protest, the father of two is now flying the national flag of Saudi Arabia on a flagpole outside his semi-detached bungalow.

According to the Department for Communities and Local Government, only the national flag of any country, the flag of the European Union, the Commonwealth, the United Nations, English county flags and saints' flags associated with any particular county can be flown.

Furthermore, the legislation says that no 'advertising material' can be added to the flagstaff.

A Council spokesman said the flag breached Planning Regulations and "Unfortunately, this flag is not one of them and the Council have advised the resident that this is the case. The Council would be more than willing to advise residents on such issues in the future."

In February, a former Gurkha who spent 28 years in the Queen's Gurkha Signals, was banned from flying the regiment's flag from his Nepalese restaurant.

Asbahadur Gurung, 70, whose family served in the Army for 70 years, wanted to display his former regiment's colours, however, council officials said the green and white flag was a form of advertising and refused him permission. But they advised him that he did not need permission to run up the flag of any country, the UN or the EU.
according to the Metro this morning the council have backed down.

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