Concerts in the Park - Kneller Hall - 2 remaining (20th and 27th July)

Discussion in 'ARRSE Social, Events & Networking' started by Soldier_Girl, Jul 14, 2011.

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  1. I've had the priviledge of attending 2 of these concerts, and have had a great evening on both occasions.

    Each concert sponsors a charity, so it's all for a good cause.

    Concerts in the Park - British Army Website

    2011 Dates

    •20 July - A Celebration of Army Music - The Minden Band of the Queen's Division
    supporting CAMUS : Trust Fund, Association & Journal - British Army Website

    •27 July - Salute to the Services - Band of the Coldstream Guards, Royal Marines Band Service, RAF Band
    supporting Shirts for Soldiers : Shirts for Soldiers | Luxury Cotton Shirt | Emma Willis

    Refreshments are available on site including alcohol, tea, coffee and light snacks - or bring your own picnics
    (I highly recommend the picnic option)

    •Adult tickets - £10
    •Concessions (under 16s, OAPs) - £8
    •MOD personnel - £5.00

    If anyone's keen to make a mini-social of it, next week and/or the week after, then let me know.

  2. Cool, you're added to the list :)
    Now all I need to do is bully Joker62 into going too (and maybe a few others)!!
  3. I think I'll say that I'm going to attend, but then actually go to a bar in Twickers ;)
  4. There aren't really any worth going to. You'd be better off with us!
  5. That's why you binned the crawl you were going to come to, for a pub in Twickers?
  6. Oh yes, my bad. But it was all in the name of boxing though (and because I'm shit)!
  7. We watched the boxing
  8. Thanks for the guilt trip. I thought I felt bad enough for not going, but noooo ...... now I feel worse.
  9. Whose side are you on?

    I'm uninviting both of you now .... so it'll just be me, and Joker ... and a dog named Boo
  10. Deputy will be on the front half, I'll be smashing you from behind. Then at half time we'll swap sides, and compare notes at the end.

  11. Glenn! Can't wait to see him, and share a cider with him as well. Do you think he'll like my new picnic blanket?
  12. You won't make it to the end! You'll be exhausted by the time the curtains open for the main event ....
  13. Beef curtains?
  14. .... smoked salmon (with a hint of dill)
  15. How about smashed crab with a hint of my population-paste?