Concert for Diana

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by chimp503, Jul 1, 2007.

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  1. shite

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  1. Have been flicking on and off BBC1 to watch what I thought was going to be an entertaining evening. What I found was a complete void of atmosphere stadium that looked 3/4 empty. A BBC production that was flawed in every sense from editing to sound. 3 totally gormless presenters, Fern (I am thick as shite) cotton who was totally void of any interview techniques whatsoever. The 2 muppets in the studio who Fcuked up eveything they said and had no continuity during the show.

    What do you think shite or thinks a 100% bag of shite...
  2. Can't be any worse than fartbeat or whatever other dross they slap on on a Sunday night. Anyway, Kill Bill's on now so it's not all bad!
  3. Must admit that Rome had my attention for the best part - what a terrible shame poisoning a slave girl with such fine norbeckers... that said they could of shown Rome in Latin and I would have understood more words than the shite sound production on BBC1
  4. BBC covereage was a bag'o'shite. Fern Cotton should be gassed.

    As for crowd reaction, you have to appreciate that there was a fair sized proportion of the audience who were, not to put too fine a point on it, a little bit over the hill. You're not going to get much of mosh pit going for people who have tipped up to watch Elton John and the bloke from Supertramp.

    As for the line up. Although I will draw flack from my nation for what could be viewed as heresy, I have to say that Tom Jones trying to cover Arctic Monkeys was a fcuking disaster- although it was good to see the old bugger still has it going on. Watching him being interviewed on the sofa with Joss Stone sat next to him, obviously getting wetter than a Sheffield living-room carpet, was hysterical.
  5. I have to go with the shite option, switched between this and Saving Private Ryan on Sky, I would have thought the 2 princes could at least have learned a short thank you speech without having to constantly refer to crib notes
  6. I refuse to watch anything Fearne Cotton has a hand in! After trying to watch the red carpet for the Oscars and her asking every single actress she spoke to if they had their big "Briget jones" knickers on! FFS I would much rather hear them speak about their films than their underwear
  7. She hasn't learn't anything then as she asked everyone she interviewed tonight what was their lasting memory of diana. Also started each int with "what an awsome electric atmosphere we have here tonight" she must of been on the old wacky backy - stupid bitch only good for one thing her and thats a being a bucket for the old man fat
  8. Will Young.....
  9. Fred flinstone - doesnt say or mean much does it????
  10. That didn't go unnoticed. One dreads to think what it must be like receiving orders from a Troopy who's constantly referring to TAMS, umming, ahhing and littering his speech with "like, y' know". As for content- the phrase "most perfect" must have put speechwriters teeth on edge straight away.

    They are the products of Eton and RMAS. At the very least one would have thought that they'd have the initiative to use the teleprompter like everyone else.

  11. Stonker

    Stonker On ROPs

    I thought the 2 best acts were Rod and Elton. My heroes in the days of Motorman.

    O - and Tom Jones: who wasn't, then.

    I'm 52.

    About the same age as one half of the audience, and 40 yrs older than the other half.

    I'm not sure which half of the audience Wills and Harry were in.

    I think Wills is prob'ly as old as me. His kid bro' is just a GWAR (like his dad). 8)
  12. I even found Ricky Chevais boring - think he knew he was on a loser as soon as he walked out
  13. I like Ricky Gervais and liked 'the office' and 'Extras.'.but somehow I dont think he did himself much justice on there tonight. He seemed more like a David Brent on stage.
  14. Personally i thought it was all a bit stiff, however i was very surprised living down here in the Southern Hemisphere, to listen and see so many people impressed with the 2 Princes etc. I think this can only be good.
  15. What I found really gaulling was that P Diddy fella - please tell me he wasn't there ONLY to revive a very pathetic career? His thoughts on Diana were sooooooooooooo false