concerns over old ankle injury.

about 5 years ago i broke my leg/ankle very severly. dislocated the ankle,broke bones in foot and broke leg in about 6 or 7 places. has a plate and screws fitted and had a long recovery but with very little physio. i started running on it last year and am now able to run 3 miles no problem. can walk 10miles with a 50+lb pack. the only issue i get is once ive cooled down, it occasionally siezes up and becomes a bit sore. normally i can walk from my living room, upstairs and back and it feels ok, so its obviously nothing too serious, and never causes any problems while running or walking, just the pain when cooled down now and then. im looking at joining later this year, and worried, is this gonna cause me a problem even though it doesnt really bother me? im not going to make an issue out of it obviously, but am i likely to be deferred or refused entry over it if they think it could cause problems just in case?


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Go to a decent sports physiotherapist who was an understanding of the type of exercise you wish to do.
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