Concerns about joining the REME

I think you'll find that in the modern army, the numbers of workshy, pie-eating types has dwindled to almost none. But seriously, if you are concerned about your career choice in terms of the amount of banter you might receive then I think you might be looking at the wrong employer.
Errrrr, Air techs! What a bunch of cnuts.... :)

Mate, if that's what you want to do then do it! Every trade has gooduns and wronguns - the only guarantee is the banter. So if you wanna be a light blue hatted girly handed mincer then crack on!

Go for it, get a trade and make the most of it.
"If you can't take a joke, don't join the British Army......"

It doesnt matter, youll be an air tech so you wont have contact with anyone who doesnt wear a blue beret.
Aah CC, but that is because you are that most steely eyed of REME, 1st Line teeth arms- not a pen pushing, book quoting, exercise dodging depot monster like me (how I yearn for a return to Teeth arms!)

Seriously though, yes air techs are mocked (like all techs) but only from jealousy, cushy job, quick promotion, easy tours, what's not to like! And others have said don't discount a trade just on whether people will like you (except RMP obviously) all trades have their spankers, and all have good lads
They won't hate you for being REME.

Some will hate you for being a Tech. You'll have to work twice as hard as non techs to a fraction of the respect, until you prove yourself. Even then you will still be looked on with suspicion.

No one will like you for going AvTech/ AirTech cos almost to a man, they are all strange *******. And not strange in the usual squaddy alcoholic/ normal sexual deviant kind of way, more the Jeffery Dahmer/ Gollum kind of way.

Real Techs chose Control Equipment (as was) rather than the girly Radar/Rapier/Av/Air, or even the faketech - Inst. I suspect most of those trades have gone the journey though.

REME pretty much hold their own in regards to mil skills and fitness whilst in a Regiment. Unless the Regiment changes the rules during competitions to let their guys win (didnt you, 39Regt RA heirarchy in the early to mid90's....).

You sound a bit of a whiner though, complaining about being despised or hated. Maybe the RAF Regt would be a better choice for you.
Join as an air tech, you won't have as much fun but you will have an easier life.
"If you can't take a joke, don't join the British Army......"

if you can't take a joke, you shouldn't have signed your contract lol

A Mech, top of the tree, best trade to be, you will be fetted by ladies and the envy of other tradesmen..... I know, I certainly was:)

in reality, you will have the piss taken regardless of what trade you pick, especially if you have some form of physical defect or prominent feature (big nose, webbed feet, shitty whining attitude etc)
I came out of the Arborfield factory as a Tels. Tech. and my first posting was the Hebrides - all I got in my 2 years there was fcuking boffin, mostly from ex-brat black hand gang who couldn't hack it as a tech. I then went to an Infantry Regiment in Norn Iron and was never denigrated for being a tech again.

Some people are jealous of the extra money and accelerated promotion but the standard arguement back is 'well, the opportunity is there, you'd be a mug not to take it'. I saw lots of REME A & B trades at Arborfield remustering as technicians (and not a few from other regiments, rebadging, as well), I saw very few who went from Tech. trade the other way, only those who had failed the technician courses.
They won't hate you for being REME.

REME pretty much hold their own in regards to mil skills and fitness whilst in a Regiment. Unless the Regiment changes the rules during competitions to let their guys win (didnt you, 39Regt RA heirarchy in the early to mid90's....).
Still happening, the dodgy cloud-punching *******.
Hoff, no matter what trade you are there will always be banter, some you like and some you don't. As an Airtech I have had my share of abuse from the black hand world and also given the abuse back, at the end of the day most people get on with each other quite well. Not all Air techs are strange(Ringdoby), however, I must agree we have a fair odd balls in our ranks, mostly from the Avionics side may I add.
The Aviation world is a very busy one indeed, so for those that think we have an easy life they should reconsider their statements, the difference is we generally work from one location which is normally within the wire and away from the general nucleus of fellow REMEs. This is because the flight lines are not normally in the middle of the accommodation area and placed far enough away to allow people to get some sleep.
If you are that worried about the job you choose to do because of the banter it attracts then you should maybe reconsider whether the Army is the place for you.

I was at the REME roadshow the other week. Most tech trades are overmanned. Be a VM. Taff49 reckons A Mechs are the dogs. The B in B Mech stands for "Better". ;-)
Everyone loves VM's and you'll get to go to Bordon and that's ACE!!!
TBH there are very few War Hammer type gmers left in Aviation, they were culled a few years ago when the shame became too much. The Avionic stream is massively undermanned and the qualificatins you can gain will lead to well paid jobs after you have completed service. There are too many Land systems techs at the moment so may see a big hit in the upcoming redundancy package. As for Aircraft techs, although we are not at pinch point level we cannot afford to lose any manpower.
No matter what trade you go for the banter will be about the same, normal stuff based on ridicule for stupidity, ugly girlfriends and obscure hobbies.
Good luck with whatever choice you go for.

Regarding the powder puff beret wearing hermers being strange:

A mate of mine, back in 87 was due to go avionics, and actually spent a few weeks at MW. One night, in the 4 man room, someone put an 'Art Film' on, and the block piled in to watch it. Now Dave F. wasn't a shy retiring type, and said he started to get a lob on. So he decided to have a swift one of the wrist. Apparently the AvTurds took exception to this, and called him a dirty bastard. As he said "It's my ******* room, if you don't like it, piss off back to your own rooms"

He also pointed out that, as Crafties, they were using briefcases to carry their coursework in, something usually reserved for the tiffy students studying Radar/Rapier/Tels. ECE students carried sports bags/ day sacks if they were posh, or naafi carrier bags if they were normal.

Dave asked to change trade, and became one of the Elite, a CET.

Another mate decided to retrade from ECE to Avionics back in the early 90's when they were screaming out for Class 1's to retrain. He told me he sacked it from MW when he was looking at one of the helicopters. He spent 10mins looking all round the frame, inside the cab, behind the seats, everywhere before the instructor came over and asked what he was looking for. "I've looked all over, but I can't find where the **** this is supposed to fit" as he held up a car cigarette lighter. The instructor couldnt see the funny side.

But you are right though, I did meet one who wasnt strange. IIRC he was called Jim, and was at 1Regt AAC in the late 80's. Well, he WAS strange, but thats cos he was from Aberdeen, but compared to the rest, he was practically normal.

Go B Mech if you need to sit down to take a piss, A mech if you occasionaly trip over your knuckles, Armourer if you like porn and dark holes, and Recovery Mech if you are too thick to be a storeman, but too bright for the Pioneers.
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