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The Times 16 Feb 07

‘Friendly fire killed VC soldier’

David Sanderson

RIPON A soldier who saved seven colleagues during a firefight in Afghanistan may have been killed by his own side during the battle.

Corporal Bryan Budd, whose widow Lorena, 23, is due to collect his posthumous Victoria Cross next month, died during clashes with Taleban forces in Helmand province last August.

Budd, 29, was on a routine patrol with 3rd Battalion The Parachute Regiment, when they came under fire. He is said to have been killed after charging at the Taleban fighters to give his colleagues an opportunity to retreat.

Reports last night suggested that the official investigation into the death of Budd, a father of two, has discovered that the ammunition used to kill him was of the calibre employed by British forces.

His widow, of Ripon, North Yorkshire, was said to be devastated after being told of the inquiry’s findings.

My sympathies to all concerned.
Reports last night suggested
Still in speculative phase then.

Locked pending the formal results of the board.
Bumped, as I have just had to remove another thread on this, I have also changed the header of this thread.

Firstly, Arrse Current Affairs is such, that if it's Military related, you are probably not the first person to post on it. Please look as far as at least Page 2 before posting.

Secondly , I had already locked one thread, and was surprised and dismayed to see a second one started. I was especially disappointed to see people determined to 'have their say' in spite of the fact that ViroBono had pointed out this previously locked thread.

This report at present, is pure speculation. As such, I would have expected people not to try and second guess a BoI in the full glare of the media. Please do not.

In the past, relatives of the fallen have arrived on Arrse, to thank us for our comments and condolences. Do we really want relatives and colleagues and friends of Cpl Budd, some of whom are regular users of Arrse, to have to endure supposition and ill-informed commentary, in addition to the pain of his loss?

Once again, any new threads on this will be deleted until the conclusion of the BoI.

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