2 points:
1). Completely agree re all the hangers on and other useless **** (ie, don't want them involved). However, as I said originally, I'm keen to generate maximum embarrassment for 'the system' from this. Why? Because this is the tip of an iceberg that people are refusing to acknowledge. With the field medical care and body armour we now have, allied to the numbers being injured, I have a suspicion that we are looking at a generation of severely damaged guys and gals (who would, even 10 years ago, have died from their injuries). The MOD and the country is not yet facing up to the responsibility it has for them, and they're going to be with us for the next 50 years... So any publicity helps. Have already spoken with a 1 star SSAFA head honcho, who is now 'monitoring' the thread. I'm also going to, as previously mentioned, to speak to a couple of serving 3 stars
Just what I didn't want.....

Turning something simple into a crusade or used as a tool to pop at the MOD. P1sses me off!

I sent this back

This is the boys helping the boys mate, fcuk all to do with the MOD or to be used a tool of embarrassing anyone.

The people of this site have given and made a difference, and will, I imagine be keen to continue to do so, with the addition of a room etc.

Whilst I'm grateful for your profile raising etc, I'm not interested in 1* or 3* exposure..... they have had their chance to help and these families / people are still in trouble... I'm not on a crusade, just helping a few decent causes out.

My audit trail is squeaky clean mate, its not the first time we've done this on here, and am sure it woun't be the last....

Without press / media / involvement we've made a difference to four families and sponsored a room at Sellyoak. If the generals etc are humbled at that, then they should speak to Sellyoak and get thier Divisions / Brigade etc to sponsor another room, they need a few.

Don't mean to come accross as ungrateful mate, far from it..... but like I said. Its the boys bailing out the boys....
Totally agree with you - the RBL's Broken Covenant campaign and the H4H publicity has done plenty of profile-raising ref what the Government isn't doing, plus the recent broadsheet newspapers' articles, so there is no need for us to waste energy or divert from what we're trying to do by making this something it isn't.
The difference is that this campaign can directly target money to where the donors want it to go, whilst donations to larger bodies tend to be dissipated into all their good works (and their running costs). Those who contribute know exactly what their donation has been used for

H4H has a clear target, which is outside the remit of this campaign.

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