Concern with medical/doctors record

Around 7-8 mths ago i started to get alot of pains around my ankles not my ankles themself but close, it got pretty bad alot of mornings until started my day and my joints in general felt weak after trying to ignore for seceral weeks i went to doctor who said it could be rhumotoid arthiriis. Nobody in familys suffered, had several blood tests after 3rd said rhumotoid factor came back positive but it can do even if you dont have and vise versa, he referred me to a specialist who said he cant diagnose it if theres no swelling/can physicaly see it, ive had no pains since a couple weeks seeing doctor 7 months ago. As this was never confirmed would the fact my record would show that affect me? Ill also add at the time my diet was shite barely if any fruit/veg. Since i sorted it out seems to be fine..
do you have psoriasis anywhere on your body?
no i dont or xema if thats what is called my dad/brother/sister do, the doctor and specialist asked that but didnt say much about it when i told them
A small percentage of people who have psoriasis get a condition called psoriatic arthropathy. Its a form of arthritis caused by over production of skin cells in your joints. Its a pain in the arse to have. I get it in my fingers, toes and ankles and have steriod injections into the joints to sort it out, which is mucho painful. It usually doesnt show up on blood tests.

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