Concern Over Nude Weapons Practice

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by exnorthener, May 21, 2008.

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  1. I do think somebody may be in a little bit of trouble!!!

    erm boss just thought I could save on the laundry bills !!!!

    does this explain where emperor mong himself has been hiding

    Sweden remains gripped by the on-going saga of young soldiers who were filmed firing their weapons while in the nude.

    The former commander of the country's amphibious military unit has now been accused of trying to cover up the incident.
  2. perhaps it was very warm and they didn't want to get a tell-tale squaddie tan!

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  3. We struggle to get range nazis to let us wear shirts rather than smocks, so what are the chances of letting us shoot in the noddy?

    Lucky buggers, if you ask me.
  4. Its all well and good in the Swedish army but can you imagine naked range day in your unit. Most of the girls, and the blokes at my place are total gopping mingers.

    I can think of only one unit I would like to see naked anywere, anytime.
  5. So, Bobath, which one, and why?
  6. OOOOOOOH....I have the image of most of our WO's naked now....good lord!....and our SSM........*shudder* I may be violently sick!

    BUT our RSM....meow...THAT I would pay good money to see naked, especially after he took his shirt and tee off after the last CFT! half a dozen females turned into sex-crazed drooling leerers..... :twisted:
  7. 3 para mortars? :twisted:

    No my vote would be for the honeys' of Southampton University officer training Corps :p woof woof!
  8. Womans Royal Auxillery Ballon Corps, they are elite. Them and a certain Field Ambulance I can think of.
  9. want to see *looks around furtively!* 'THEM' nekkid? 8O

    p.s. what all the Field Ambulance? :twisted:
  10. hey but thought that was a pic of you charly
  11. Any Army range day is invariably one of two extremes:

    1. Temperature of around -10, high winds and rain like the sea trying to reclaim the land by air drop :evil:


    2. Temperature in the 30s, clear blue skies and great sunburn possibilites for all parts normally unexposed 8) (unless you're one of them naturist wierdos)

    Neither is really appealing in this new swedish range gear 8O
  12. my ar5e is a much better shape than that! and not as appalingly pale! no tan lines mate! you should have been in the communial shower block the other day for the foam fight! or was that you in the wig standing with your back to the room! didn't think you were a girly in my sqn!! I know REME girls can be a bit rough! but.....nice ar5e tho sarge! 8O
  13. Female Auxiliary Nursing Yeomanry Naked Range Day...service and support...stretchers and mxillofacial surgery team to be on standby throughout, to carry away the swooners and reset the jaws dropped.