Concern over MI5 policing plan

Should MI5 take over the lead role in Intel in Northern Ireland?

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Government plans to give MI5 a bigger say over police intelligence in Northern Ireland are cause for concern, SDLP leader Mark Durkan has said.
Mr Durkan said he was worried this would lead to a lack of scrutiny.

He said if this happened police intelligence would be unaccountable to the Policing Board or any future devolved administration.

"What's the fuss all about?. 5 have been up in the Province for years liasing with the RUC/PSNI. After a bitter struggle with the Metropolitan Police Special Branch, MI5 took responsibility for leading the investigation of all Irish republican activity in Great Britain. It has proved itself to be successful in infiltrating the Provisional IRA, with Service operations (working closely with many police Special Branches).

Im sure the PSNI will appriciate the extra pair of hands to combat both Republican & Loyalist problems. They are to be based at Palace Barracks near the Memorial Garden.
make_safe!! said:
Loyalists will remain the responsibility of tye PSNI because their activities are mostly criminal and not considered a threat to national security.
In this day & Climate, never under estimate any Illegal Organistaion. Remember the Dublin & Monaghan Bombings in 1974. Im sure MI5 would pass on any info to there counterparts in the South if such activities were to ever happen again. The co-operation these days between the Garda Siochana & the Security Service is a very co-operative one.
As you say we are living in a different time now, things were very different in 1974.

Most Loyalist, mainstream or otherwise are just criminals with no political or otherwise ambition or goal other than to line their pockets.

Dissident republicanism, on the other hand sill pose a threat to national security.

I'm sure if the loyalists get big ideas again MI5 will start looking at them.