Concern about violence from veterans

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Blodders, Jun 14, 2010.

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  1. Just saw this on the Beeb, not seen anything about it on here.
    Violent vets

    Reading it shows a stark difference between the MoD's figures and those of the rozzers, plus the copper quoted mentioned "anecdotal evidence" of "kicking off" in chipshops! WTF, he should try a rural market town for Kicking off in the chippy/chinky/kebabbery.
  2. ancienturion

    ancienturion LE Book Reviewer

    From the content of the article I would guess it is a combination of the left wing of the BBC and Kent Constabulary trying to prove what terrible people HM armed forces really are. After all we wouldn't really want the civilian population supporting the troops so here's something to ensure the general level of fear and despondency introduced by the previous government is maintained.
    The comment:
    Chief Insp Paul Anderson of Kent Police said: "It was probably twice as many as we thought. They are coming in for a whole range of offences.
    About a third are for violent offences but that could be for the lowest level of violent offence."

    indicates they do not really have adequate records if they do not know what sort of offence was supposed to have been committed. It makes one wonder just how many official figures are manipulated before being made public.
  3. Perhaps it's to enhamce the chances of a job with Karl Winn !!
  4. I heard the article on Radio 4 PM programme, he reckons that of a survey that is used for "risk assessment" purposes a question was asked about whether people were ex services, if yes they went on to ask other questions. His evaluation was that 80 people per month were arrested and admitted to being ex forces. No figures of how many other arrests took place of people who did not admit to being ex-service.

    In total its about as much use as boobs on a fish as research goes, no scientific or factual samples are taken, and it appears to be figures plucked from thin air. BBC Left Wing bias again I believe.
  5. Perhaps he's entirely right and there is a problem which needs addressing. Did that occur to you?
  6. Great opportunity for a Walt, perhaps the boys in blue need a squaddie check list and some one should tell them the colour of that blasted boat shed.
  7. Indeed, and of course he hasn't told us how many of those arrested were subsequently charged, cautioned or dealt with by PND's (Penalty Notice for Disorder), nor does he tell us what the actual offences were. In short, it's a completely meaningless report which tells us nothing. Kent Police should STFU, IMHO!
  8. Dont know if any one has picked up on Mr Winns current interests in the Armed Forces but this site that he has got running cannot for LEGAL reasons operate from this country, so it is set up in our friendly neighbour Holland

    British Army Killings in Ireland, Iraq and Afghanistan - British Army Killings

    Mr Winn is posting names and the whereabouts of a ex and serving forces personnel to satiate his bitterness that he feels to who ever kicked sand in his face at the beach near his home in Taunton, to be more exact, this is frompublic records same as the information that he he obtains.

    Webeurope (Taunton) Ltd
    17 Cornishway East, Taunton, Somerset TA1 5LZ
    Telephone: 01823 338888
    Fax: 01823 338877

    One can only assume that some one along the way upset this guy, stole his girlfriend, punched him or some other trivial event and now hes making it his lifes work to bring down as many forces as he can.
    I have recently contacted my MP to see if the law can be changed to stop this idiot doing the Talibans work for them and threatening the lives of all and any personnel that he fancies.
    Perhaps some one knows this sick individual and his reasons, lets hear them, in the mean time get onto MP's and MEP's to see if he can be shut down.
  9. Sounds like a bit of a non story to me.

    Of course there will be people out there with drugs/drink problems arising from things they may have experienced during their service. There will be people who are just knobs when they've had a drink.

    273 seems like a high number as does 73 violent offenses, but without numbers of people who aren't ex forces who were arrested for the same sort of offenses over the same time period then it doesn't really mean much. There's also a few military bases in Kent, it could be possible that because of this fact that Kent has a higher number of ex-forces living there which again could skew the numbers.
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  10. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    I dont get down Kent as often as I used to so I really couldnt give a toss what goes on down there. But this interested me...

    'The lowest level of violent offence'?

    So, copper. On a scale of one to ten. Ten being, bashing an orphans brains out with a pickaxe handle... and One being calling you Mary Poppins....

    Define the lowest level of violent offence?

    In your own time.
  11. I wonder if the BBC would have dedicated a prime-time programme to it if had been 80 ex-NHS (the country's largest employer, and a much more likely group), ex-local council workers or just plain bored and unemployed wasters getting arrested?

    Before these 'shocking' figures came out, what was the largest group (there must have been one) in the previous month or the month before that. Or maybe when arrested, the perps just get asked "are you ex-forces (it's for a BBC survey we're running you see). No?, okay off you go, cell nine."

    Cheap and shitty sensationalism by what is now a second-rate broadcaster with a self confessed and institutionalised left-wing bias.

  12. 80% is a high figure but seeing as half the drunk prats I've had a row with on a Saturday night give it "just back from Afghanistan" I'd love to know how many actually were proven to be ex forces.

    I grew up in the shot and my old man and his mates punching each other 'cos their was fcuk all else to do was the norm. they still however didn't behave as badly as half the nobs cracking each other with with bottles where I live now. it was always a case of 'job done. move on.'

    Your right BTD, bunch of arrse reporting for a change.
  13. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Dunno Awol. But you give me the result you want and I'll give you the survey.

    Then all we need is a cheap newspaper or a broadcaster with flagging ratings, and hey! Prince Phillip and space aliens.
  14. I didn't read the link but if the story's accurate the real figure will probably be slightly higher seeing as a lot of ex mob now plod probably let a few off for the most minor public order offenses such as section 5 public order act, which are counted as violent offenses by the home office. Though with plod seemingly less willing to hire ex forces personnel these days I imagine that this will be less and less the case.
  15. He was also requested to remove the Lion,Crown and crossed swords from his site.Still seems to be there.I cannot remember the Arrser who contacted the relevant body.Hopefully he will be along soon.