Concept 2 Rower in the Garage/ Shed?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by rabid spaniel, May 28, 2012.

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  1. May have to leave gym and thus lose access to the relationship I have developed with a Concept 2. Fancy getting one for home, but nowhere suitable inside. Have a Car Port and an old Stable which (when I move the shite) will have room. Question is: will a new, expensive, rower survive a semi-outdoors existence?
    Thoughts appreciated.....
  2. They survive OK in some fairly damp and "stable like" boat houses which would be fairly approximate to your old stable in terms of conditions I would have thought. As long as it's covered (as in roof) you should be fine - I would be more worried about dust in an old stable.

    They are fairly robust bits of kit and going back to my dust point seem to have done OK on Ops in the sandy places so dust may not be a problem either.
  3. Just out of interest where abouts are you planning to do this and would my van be able to get close. It would be handy if you could tell me when you are going to be out so I, erm, don't miss you :wink:
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  4. Best of luck. As no bloody delivery driver can find us (no one uses maps anymore.....) and when they finally ring for help they can't navigate the lane and imposing dry stone walls, I feel safe with the thing in the stable. Oh, and you risk being licked to death by the dogs, or shot by me if I'm at home.
  5. The dust and heat, as you point out, shouldn't be a problem (although the chain in IZ did grind a bit). It's the cold and damp that I wonder about....
  6. I think it should be fine - as I say I've known Concept 2s to survive years in damp boat sheds. May not stay as sparkly as in an air con gym but should be fine.
  7. You could just build a nice dry, insulated shed close to your back door. Compared to the cost of the machine it would be peanuts.
  8. I've had a Model C in an unheated garage since May 2001. I've just clocked my 13 millionth metre on it and my maintenance regime has been very simple in those 11 years.

    De clag the rail of sweat after use.
    Take the fan cover off and give it a good hoovering out, once a year.

    They are bomb proof items, designed to have 12 fat knackers a day using them in gyms. If you get one for home use, it will last a very, very long time.
  9. Sir, you mistake me for the type of bloke who does DIY. If I attempted that the council would close me down/ lock me up for various H&S violations and people would come from far and wide to laugh at the strange edifice populated by the sweaty bloke.
  10. Thanks. My excuses for not doing it are receeding.
  11. Sorry, I didn't realise you wanted it to get 'buff' for the pride parade, you big puff.
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  12. Go on you know you want too..........that unmistakable whirring sound, getting your T - shirt caught in the seat, the total lack of mercy on the read out if you slack off for just one's all good mate!
  13. A nut dropping out of the shorts & going under the slide...
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  14. I do want to: what's not to like about a machine you can never beat and a perpetual guarentee of feeling like hurling your ring after a 'good' session?- the only down side is the distinct lack of totty (or buff young men -Pigshyt) in my stable. Oh, and convincing the missus that lobbing a grand at a machine makes sense.....
  15. As I'm now well into my forties and gravity has been playing havoc with my ball bag, the above is becoming a real possibility. How many miles away do you think my screams would be heard as one of my sweetbreads is crushed beyond repair? :)