Concentration and Focus

Was reading the sportspage about a syndicate which bought a promising horse after it won a few minor races..
they shipped it off to a ' respected trainer' for further conditioning and skills upgrade, but the beast didn't bring in the cash as expected..
the trainer claimed the horse was failing to comprehend the rationale behind the training and had an attention deficit..


to help the equine find its potential as a racehorse, the trainer recommended that the syndicate assist the animal to ' focus its concentration ' on the goal of winning races..

This was accomplished by cutting off its nuts - Gelding..

Apparently it worked as the horse has won or placed in the money in its last three races, the last one collecting a cool million..

I can think of a few politicians who need ' refocussing ' on their goals..

but, I got to ask.. who was the guy to think this move up?..

BOB: Yup, that horse ain't gonna amount to nuthin.. what are we going to do?
BILL: Cuts off its nuts, that'll make it work..

Anyone got a name or two they'd like to see receive the benefit of ' focussing their concentration ' through the judicious application of a pair of hedge shears?

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