Concealed Weapons- Making America Safer?

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by crabtastic, Jan 30, 2007.

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  1. Oops a daisy:,0,954678.story

  2. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP

  3. :D
  4. Out of interest, I wonder how many of them were actually Floridians? FL issues non-resident permits.

    Still, couple of gaps in the system need plugging, but overall, not a major issue.

  5. Not too mention:

    Lists of names. I can GURANTEE you that paper didn't do one, single, solitary confirmation of who had arrest records, who had outstanding warrants, etc.

    How many John Smith's are their in Florida? So John Smith has a warrant and his name matches someone on the "list." Bam. Another one to chaulk up to the ole anti gun crowd.

    Fools buy into it, without checking any further facts or corrobating anything.

    Oh, but Phil, some of those have to be real? No shit? Really? How many true life criminals get guns anyway? Golly gee whiz Phil. We really live in a violent society like that? You mean where criminals will really break the law and get a gun, no matter what is written on a piece of paper? Say it isn't so...

    Oh, yeah, the gun ban in England is doing real well too. Violent, gun use crime in in the UK has really gone down...
  6. Well, it has your "brothers" in "LE" down there concerned. I don't know in the grand scale of things how big of a difference an extra 1,500 criminals with a permit to carry concealed weapons makes in the vortex of retardation that is the Sunshine State, but I do find it rather odd that the law and the bureaucracy in Florida seems to be configured so that a felon can carry, but he can't cast a vote in an election.
  7. And I suppose you have evidence of this, Phil. Or is it just conjecture? Either way, I imagine the Governor and the Legislature will be taking a good look at what's been uncovered. I guess we'll see how right you are then.
  8. At least they have some idea who the felons are. they can withdraw the permits.

    Imagine if it was our Home office! They wouldnt even know how many and to whom they had wrongly issued permits to!
  9. Depends on what county he's in. Most California counties are effectively 'shall issue.'

  10. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP

    As I recall, he lives in near SF, CA. (Northern California?) This city and California in general can be pretty restrictive, on types of firearms allowed and/or issue of a CWP. :thumbdown:
  11. Wrong- yet again.
  12. Crab,

    You have NO CLUE what you are talking about. MOST places in California, a CCW is IMPOSSIBLE to get. ANYWHERE.

    I work as a police officer in Northern California. In 17 years, I have NEVER seen a CCW permit. EVER.

    You have no clue what you are talking about. You are just another anti gun idiot, spewing their agenda.
  13. It's a (thankfully) rare person who can contradict themselves in just 11 words:

    Reading is fun, Phil. Scroll up and take a look. I didn't say anything about California state and local laws. That was a point raised by California_Tanker. I was referring to Trip_wire's assertion that I lived in the Bay area, nothing more. (And I'm rather tickled by the fact that in all the time he has spent taking up far too much room on this earth, he is so ignorant of the geography of his own country that he is still unsure whether San Fran is in Northern California or not. You're a real sharp one Trip, real sharp. ;) )

    Secondly, at no point on this thread have I made explicit criticism of right to carry laws. The article is actually about the ineptitude of the Floridian bureaucracy. You guys merely assumed that the point I was wishing to make was associated with the gun-control agenda and not that Floridians have the cognitive capacity of a staple gun. Can that tell us something about your subconsciouses, or does it just tell us that you're not much good at things like reading comprehension? Surely even the most avid supporters of "Shall issue" laws when it comes to concealed weapons would concede that giving them to convicted felons and sex offenders probably isn't the most sensible move one can make.

    Now, do you have any evidence to back up your otherwise baseless claims that the journalists have fabricated and embellished their story? Didn't think so.

    If you have an attention span that allows you to read anything longer and more detailed than the menu at Krispy Kreme, Phil, I suggest you dig out the full article, which IIRC, is about 3-4 pages. The revelations seem to have your colleagues in Florida most upset.
  14. Probably because CCW holders tend to be law-abiding and wouldn't run afoul of you.

    Not sure if Dublin is in Contra Costa or Alameda, but between the two counties there are about 600 CCW permits. Not many, but more than Santa Clara (190) or San Francisco (10). On the other hand, CCWs in Fresno county numbers about 3,000. I'm in Madera as I type this, over 1,000 of Madera's 124,000 residents of all ages have CCWs. Mendocino's Sheriff's stated policy is "Shall issue if no legal disqualification." Even pot-filled Humbolt county has a Sherrif who generally just signs away. Only the enlightened denizens of the Bay Area really try to avoid CCWs. The stupid thing is that they're state-wide, so a Mendocino person can carry a gun in San Jose when visiting, but I live there and I can't.