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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Psycho_CJ, Mar 16, 2008.

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  1. Transfering from AGC (SPS) to Sigs - starting 8 / 9 mths in Blandford from July in the new trade...any advice????
  2. It's a new trade mate. No one knows what will happen.

    just go with the flow in Blandford. It's sh1t but it gets better. Get through that and then ask for which posting a bit further in to your course.

    They will have changed a bit by then too.
  3. Hi there, I am also on the same course as you on the 7th july and am transfering from the Grenadier guards, looks like we will be sharing the joys of Blandford lol.
  4. And if yer balls touch, you're gay! 8O
  5. Yeah ok thanks for tip as there are only 7 people on the course thought i might say hello to CJ. If of course you want to make stupid childish remarks go to another thread which is relevent to you.
  6. Isn't the internet wonderful? I wonder if you know who you are slagging off, Mister Grenadier. Top tip - don't blatantly "out" yourself on ARRSE and then start abusing the regulars on here. There may be 7 people on the course already but I recommend you keep your powder dry for now. With a bit of luck, your enthusiasm might be laughed off by the training staff and your forthright dismissiveness might be be treated as all in good fun. Then again maybe you are risking being seen as a chopsy little fellow and people like Monkeyspanker might just be waiting for you to turn up. Why make things hard for yourself? It could be seen either as a sign of bravery or stupidity to start gobbing off before trade training has started. A sense of humour isn't a bad thing my friend.
  7. Thank you poisondwarf for the advice i am sorry if i offended anybody. I didnt intend to gob off to anybody and i thought it as is a bit of banter, I just want crack on with job in hand without extra obsticles in the way.(I am new on here)
  8. [Michael Winner voice]

    Don't you know who I am!!

    /[Michael Winner Voice]
  9. Imagine having the audacity to f*** off a fellow Sky Blues fan! 8O

    Hey Monkeyspanker - see how I stick up you! :D
  10. My word, thats a hell of a price to pay for working at your gaff mate!!!
  11. :oops: Bloody hell - Freudian slip or what?! Serves me right for taking the piss out of a guardsman.
  13. Bugger that. Rimmed brews all round! 8O
  14. Ah, you know me so well :wink:
  15. Look out skybluesoldier, it appears that you've annoyed the small minded Blandford Bully Boys. Rest comfortably with the knowledge that your apology probably gave them an erection...but they'll still search you out.