Comrades! Who Pinched The Tea Money?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Buzz, Jun 13, 2012.

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  1. Members were shocked to learn the CPGB was funded by the Kremlin? Bollocks! It was common knowledge. How I hated those evil motherf*ckers.
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  2. "...The Communist Party's old headquarters in Covent Garden is now a bank..."

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  3. Speaking of communists, I'm a bit curious about a certain champion of the Working Classes. A Karl Marx fella you may have heard of. Could anybody here tell me what was his job? What pit did he toil away in? Which dockyard, steel mill, construction site, shipbuilders or collective farm did he slog his guts out at? Or maybe he was a soldier, and by that I mean not an officer, but a common soldier (or sailor even), in order to gain the life experiences and outlook of a revolutionary socialist.

    I'm just a bit curious to find out a bit more about this hero of the blue collar worker. Don't all shout at once.
  4. Funny how they receded to the background, dying not with a bang but a whimper as the USSR imploded. It did have the positive effect of rendering my time in the Int Corps useless to me so it was off to the REME. Cheers CPGB!
  5. Somehow, I ended up on a mailing list for 'Unlock Democracy'. I wondered who they were at the time, but didn't bother to dig.
  6. sirbhp

    sirbhp LE Book Reviewer

    communists are not socialists and never were . Communism was just another form of Dictatorship.
  7. udipur

    udipur LE Book Reviewer

    Are you trying to tell us something, old bean?

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  8. I can tell you all what's become of the Communists - they grew up!

    To those people who ever had a tantrum, stamped their foot and shouted, "It's not fair!" when they were small kids. The idea of a "Utopia" of fair shares and equality for all, must have sounded like a dream come true...

    However, when they grew up and learned the truth of life behind the Iron Curtain, and how the utopian dream was just propoganda. Then they had to start taking more interest in "real life" instead.

    Communisium = a fairy story for gullible grown ups.
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  9. I wonder if any current MP's, peers etc were formerly part of CPGB
  10. Ken Livingstone is an old communist.
  11. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    What happened to old commies? Mostly they died off. What happened to younger ones? They became Greens - it's another chance to display the same attitude of "I know what's best for YOU", push people around, gather their money in, "redistribute" it, and waste it on vanity projects.

    The expression used is "a watermelon" - green on the outside, but red on the inside.
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  12. ....or maybe the shite, hungry, insecure and disadvantaged, life styles and working conditions that most of the 'old style working classes' had to endure such as those of our most of our grandparents and great grandparents and those generations before them, gradually become better, seemed fairer and the desire to change receded accordingly leaving the CPGB with the will but no cause.

    At the time, Communism, or indeed any change of status quo, must have seemed a lot better than what they had, to the vast majority.

    But it's a far comment as to why those better off were attracted?..philantrophy in some cases, rebellion in others ala the current 'Trustafariansns'....or just the fear that 100,000's of pi55ed off squaddies returning from WW1 were a bit angry at what their so called betters had forced them to endure and knew that they had to bring in some real changes or face what Russia had a year or so before.

    Just saying like.
  13. Catherine Ashton, current EU foreign minister, treasurer of the CND when she took money from the Soviets via CPGB, never been elected to Guvmint but was put into the Lords and given a Gobmint job by T.Bliar. Degree in Sociology and an impeccable working class background, labour royalty really...and no.. you wouldn't, I wouldn't for certain.
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  14. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Never met a Sociallist or Communist or old style trade ubnion leader who didn't love money.
    In fairness New Labour have reinvented it.
    You actually come from money and pretend to be working class,
    A bit like rap stars who bang on about the Gheto but retire every night to their 80 room mansions with tennis court ho's and fleets of cars.
    God forbid they hae to live like the people they rule and preach to.
    Geldof and Bonio are another two ******* who live by that rule.