Comrade Hancock's assistant lifted by MI5

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by bigeye, Dec 5, 2010.

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  1. That old rake (alleged*) Mike Hancock, MP for Portsmouth, employed a Russian beauty (alleged) as an assistant some time ago. Apart from causing chaos by setting off fire alarms at the House of Commons - she has a penchant for scented candles - her ex-commie father has some dubious links with Russian State Security. After being closely observed by the box watchers, Ms Katia Zatuliveter, 25, was arrested on the orders of MI5 over espionage claims.

    It looks like she will be on the next Aeroflop home.

    There are plenty of British Oxbridge students who would give their right nut/tit for the chance of a role as a Parliamentary assistant so why did Hancock employ a Russian national?

    *He'll be up in court next year for trying it on with one of his constituents.
  2. Hancock has Russian interests, evidently (and Ugandan ones, allegedly) so the fact that she's Rooshian is logical. I am unaware of the vetting process for MP's assistants, but I'd have thought that they should be SC'd at least, especially as he's on the Defence Committee.

    Might be some tightening of the rules required.

    How many British interns are there in the Duma? (Rhetorical)
  3. Well done MI5, but let's hope this success doesn't justify a cut in your budget.
  4. Entirely 'logical' but not proper.

    I doubt that there would be much in the way of formal security clearance checks for a potential assistant to an MP - they might only work with in the constituency, however to gain a House of Commons pass (which allows access without security search) is slightly more tricky. Although they've been handing them out to all and sundry of late.
  5. Security is a joke these days, it's all been laughed off as reds under the bed nonsense.

    But when a woman who took money from the KGB during the cold war was our High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy of our EU masters, and she's representing us on the world stage you have to wonder if they lost the battle but won the war.
  6. What a pair - frankly the man has no taste

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  7. And tomorrow some entirely innocent Brit gets thrown out of Russia for "spying".

    Was she not Positively Vetted prior to getting the gig?
  8. MPs who wish to recruit a new member of staff will have to satisfy themselves that the member of staff has the right to work in the UK and complies with the House of Commons guidelines on security and staff vetting –

    The basic checks are:

    Confirmation of name, date of birth and address

    National insurance number or other unique personal identifying number (where appropriate)

    Full details of previous employers (name, address and dates), over the past three years
    Confirmation of any necessary qualifications/licences

    Educational details and references where someone is new to the workforce

    Confirmation of permission to work in the UK if appropriate.

    There are then three further levels of national security vetting clearance:

    a Counter Terrorist Check (CTC),
    Security Check (SC)
    Developed Vetting (DV).

    The actual processes for the above are not in the public domain.
  9. Comrade Hancock, the bane of MOD's life.
  10. More importantly, how did she get a work visa, given that the job could have been taken by many adequately qualified British people. I smell a sex for visa deal. He's a limp dumb candidate surprisingly enough.
  11. According to Mr Hancock:

    ‘She was already in this country so she didn’t need a visa. She was educated here – she did a Masters – and that gave her the right to work for a period and then it was renewed. The whole thing has been blown out of all proportion – it’s not my problem.’

    Here she is again:

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  12. She still needs a visa though and if it wasnt a visa, then what was renewed? Were his lips moving when he made that statement???? so he was lying then.
  13. "– it’s not my problem." Outstanding arrogance !

    He's MP for a largely naval constituency and he's on the Defence Sub-Committee and he employs a 25 year old, female, Russian assistant.

    Assuming he's totally above board and innocent of any wrongdoing (ahem) then he must be the most stupid MP we have.....Roll on his court appearance.
  14. A rather nice quote from the clown:
  15. To save you looking on wiki:

    He joined the Labour Party in 1968 and was elected as a councillor to the Portsmouth City Council in 1970, he left the Labour Party and joined the new Social Democratic Party (SDP) in 1981, and became the leader of the council in 1989 until his second election to the House of Commons, and he remains a member for Fratton on the city council. He was also elected to the Hampshire County Council in 1973, becoming the leader of the Labour group on the council in 1977 until he left party, leading the council 1989-97 when he stood down.[1]
    He contested Portsmouth South for the SDP at the 1983 General Election but lost to the sitting Conservative MP Bonner Pink by 12,335 votes. Pink died on 6 May 1984, and Hancock was elected, again for the SDP, at the by-election by 1,341 votes. In his book "Time To Declare" the SDP leader David Owen claimed that Hancock's victory prevented a Liberal attempt to subsume the SDP before the 1987 General Election.However, he later lost his seat in the 1987 General Election to the Tory David Martin by just 205 votes. He narrowly lost the seat to Martin again at the 1992 General Election, this time by just 242 votes. He also contested the European Parliament seat of Wight and Hampshire in 1994. He returned to parliament at the 1997 General Election, defeating Martin by 4,327 votes and has held the seat for the Liberal Democrats since.[2]
    He was promoted to the frontbench by Paddy Ashdown in 1997 as the spokesman on foreign and commonwealth affairs until 2000 when he was moved by Charles Kennedy to speak on the environment, transport and the regions, but returned to the backbenches following the 2001 General Election. He has been a member of both the defence select committee and the Speaker's panel of chairmen since 1999. He is the vice chairman of the all party groups on Russia,[3] and Croatia.[4]
    It was reported that he signed nomination forms for more than one candidate in the 2006 Liberal Democrat leadership election, in order to ensure a 'proper contest'.[5]
    An active supporter of animal welfare, Hancock is a patron of the Captive Animals Protection Society, a charity campaigning for an end to the use of animals in circuses, zoos and the exotic pet trade.[6] He has said he acts to defend Azerbaijan in the British Parliament, does not approve of criticism of the Aliev regime by the Azerbaijani opposition, and does not believe the Armenian Genocide happened, describing it as a "so-called genocide".[7]

    My bold. So he hasn't been got at, at all.