Comrade Corbyn to the fore - whither (or wither) the Labour Party?

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Of course you did and of course it is.

Right, you have been humoured enough for one day. Don’t you have any names that need dropping or something to get on with? Reply not necessary due to N.F.I.

Had a chat with a Brigadier as well. Why do you wish to embarrass yourself in this way?

Posted a card to the soon to retire ABofY.
Talking of Mr Squeaker, has anybody heard anything of that giant amongst men pygmies, Lord St. Bercow of Berksville lately? He seems to have disappeared.
Oh dear. Oh dear oh dear oh dear... how terribly sad.

John Bercow 'sorry' not to receive peerage

BBC News said:
Former Commons Speaker John Bercow has told the BBC he is "sorry" that he has not been granted a peerage.
Ex Mr (No Peerage For Me) Squeaker said:
“I am not going to pretend it doesn't matter”
The cameraman took up the traditional position of being behind the camera.
Not with remote controls and live view via phone apps isn't these days


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