Comrade Corbyn to the fore - whither (or wither) the Labour Party?

Never happen, far too much pouting and teddies if that happened.
That will be among the ‘arrivistes’, then.
The hereditaries and some of the decent ‘Lifers’ will be ok: plenty of mates with the odd spare room at their country piles and, for them what does, there’s some ‘good country’ there and thereabouts.
The ‘Noble & Gallants’ will probably find the same. Most of them would likely be happier in the Hants/Dorset/Glos/Somerset area but, at a push, there’s always Catterick: a basha’s a basha, wherever.
The ‘Spirituals’ will be quids in, especially if it is York. One of them already has a huge gaff there. They’ll be able to tuck into the port and walnuts at night without having to worry about driving anywhere or leaving early in the morning with a splitting head.
And potentially an office in York; I wonder how many of them will quit if the HoL is moved out of London?

My bold not many, I mean & give up £313 a day for doing sweet F.A. plus a heavily subsidised restaurant/drinks, don't forget they will probably claim 1st class travel as well. snip from HoL guide "Attendance Travel Costs In addition to the daily allowance Members are also entitled to claim travel costs to and from their registered residential address for certain parliamentary business."
And I am sure if this move does happen it will be ALL parliamentary business! I am sure that they could persuade LNER to run a special "Peers only" Pullman service as well!!

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