Comrade Corbyn to the fore - whither (or wither) the Labour Party?

Exit polls now showing projected Con majority of between 60-86. Facebook and Twitter are now in meltdown!
The exit poll was only with a few thousand people though.
Just laughing at the gobshite army on Facebook at the moment, lamenting all those 'morons' who've voted Tory.

Morons, mind.
Have they done the usual thing of blocking anyone they know voted Tory, or are they not quite as virtual signalling as the lefty gobshites I know on social media


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this is the exit poll on LBC


solid comedy gold.

and already the Momentum mob are trying to blame everyone but themselves...



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Classic tale - "We lost because we weren't radical enough."

They need to wake up and smell some of that coffee that Mrs Corbyn sells.
Delivery of ice-picks for Corbyn!
And the current score is 2-1 to labour
They have had their arse booted in Blyth valley
And these results are in line with the Exit poll, and yes, clearly there are 647 declarations to go.
I'd like it to be true but I'm not trusting an exit poll that only asked 20000 people in 144 seats

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