Comrade Corbyn to the fore - whither (or wither) the Labour Party?

A taste of Corbyn world after the great leader takes power.

Castro style jackets are mandatory.

Dont talk to The opposition protestors - Well I can see that point of that one - If the aim is to the day degenerating into pointless arguments

But Report your comrades for talking to the Police - What the problem with talking to the police - you would think civilised conversati…… Ah of course - any one engaging with the forces of repression must be a class traitor and or facist.
Isn’t there that small matter of getting elected?
In Soviet Great Britain there will be no need for elections, Magic Grandpa will be General Secretary of the Communist Party of Great Britain for life
No surprises.
Democracy is merely a tool to be manipulated or an obstacle to be overcome in the eyes of the extreme left.
Having said that; Corbyn is a "useful idiot" rather than a leader & the real danger lies deeper, with the scum McDonald & his truly Marxist pals.
Da Yoof will vote for Magic Grandpa but even the majority of them would baulk at real Marxism, as demonstrated in Venezuela.
"One vote, one candidate, one time..."
I know that the summer is called the silly season in politics but what with Lucas' all female "Unity" cabinet and now Corbyn's temporary PM plan. Has the country finally gone completely mad?
A no deal brexit doesn't bother me.
A deal brexit doesn't bother me.
Remain bothers me because it goes against the referendum.
What also bothers me is we have no-one of any stature in any party. We have no statesmen or women. In fact our parliament is probably the worst it's been in over a century. At a time when we need cool heads and proper leadership, we have a collection of Spitting Image puppets.
At least Spitting Image was funny!
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