Comrade Corbyn to the fore - whither (or wither) the Labour Party?

I think you're right.

Corbyn's "10 point" thing, when blind tested, got massive support. When his name was attached, less so.

We're ready, it seems, for a Labour government but possibly, Mr. Corbyn could be an external consultant rather than a face.
But will the public go for Ronald McDonnell as the friendly face of the Marxist party?
And if you present Maggies 10 Policies to hard line Labour supporters there in favour unyil they see her name.

The reality is - its how the questions are presented and how people feel they will be implemented that makes the difference.
Its a fallacy of the left that Tory voters are either closet socialists conned into being anti Labour or are evil poor hating capitalists.
Most people want a welfare state and NHS - and differ only in terms of extent funding and how taxation is levied -
Its only the committed socialists that insist the system has to be 100% the one they want and anyone opposed is immoral.
Its being asked on social media - Why are we so afraid of Socialism

Were not

We are afraid of committed socialists - because to them its a religion and whenever they speak they make it clear they will tolerate no other system, If you aren't onboard then you are a bad person (back to this tying of identity and politics)

I see the people cheering for Corbyn and hear how they talk about others and justify violence against the right - because although violence is wrong Nazis must be stopped and so its correct to silence and attack the right because not doing so lead to WW2**. How Tories are scum how wealthy people (but not Labour members) are scum and its time to take direct action and wives and children are just as guilty as rich bankers because they stay with them - so theres no reason they shouldn't feel the axe.

Why the **** wouldn't you be afraid of a socialist government - when its supporters seem determined that this means a physical end to anyone and thing they dislike.

**The actual argument as presented several times
Today he's offering free money - somebody else's money of course

Labour 'to end youth rate minimum wage'

Labour pledges £10 minimum wage for under-18s

The problem with that is, if employers have to pay an adult's wage, they'll hire an adult. So now all the school drop outs will be unemployed (with no benefits, Universal Credit starts at 18) hanging around street corners. Genius.
Will his next stunt be to offer them weed stores as in Canada?


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There's a reason for the under 18's minimium wage, as basically they're naive, non worldly wise and learning as they go.
I assume Jezza and co are worth a tenner an hour?
Together, not each!
We're ready, it seems, for a Labour government but possibly, Mr. Corbyn could be an external consultant rather than a face.
Given he has, it seems to me, done nothing to assist serious policy implementation since 1983 when he entered parliament - what does this change?

What does his assistance in policy formation do to advance anything.

And how is simply making him The Anti-Blair make anything better? I am sure that there is a five minute hate from the Corbyn faithful when Blair is on the box, sticking his oar in.


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Corbyn filmed applauding Neturei Karta speech about ‘dismantling’ Israel
Labour leader pictured in 2011 at anti-Israel conference, condemned by the Board of Deputies as 'endorsing yet another extremist position'
By JTA and JEWISH NEWS REPORTERJanuary 4, 2019, 11:39 am

Corbyn filmed applauding Neturei Karta speech about ‘dismantling’ Israel
He was just being polite! Honest Jeremy is always polite, well at least to the right (his version of the right of course) sort of people.
They can't help themselves though it seems
"A Labour Party Spokesperson claimed he was endorsing the speaker’s call for a free and peaceful Palestine, saying: “Jeremy Corbyn has a long and principled record of solidarity with the Palestinian people and he attended this public meeting to show his support for peace and justice in the Middle East. He and the Labour Party support a two state solution to the conflict, with a secure Israel alongside a secure and viable Palestinian state”. I wonder how many times the word final was tippexed out.

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