Comrade Corbyn to the fore - whither (or wither) the Labour Party?

she's not ugly.

she's aesthetically challenged by way of falling out the ugly tree and hitting every burning branch on the way down

Edit I felt the Ugly was probably superfluous - but decided to include it as the likes of Jack Monroe have form for seeing racism in every comment directed at Abbott and the eternally offended cretins would have a field day if I didnt


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It probably does, in more ways than one
I have faith in the British democratic process to prevent a bunch of septuagenarian bolsheviks and their younger acolytes from lying and bullying their way to government.
Blonde hair and blue eyes, very ayran wouldn't you say..
Ayran? That’s Turkish drinking yoghurt. And very nice it is too.


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And so it begins.

Momentum has begun campaigning to unseat TIG MPs

Around 100 people gathered at the corner opposite Streatham Memorial Gardens on a grey and windy Saturday. Some were local. Others had travelled in from further afield, including Hackney, Islington, Bexley, Mitcham, and Dulwich. They were welcomed by rallying speeches from Diane Abbott, Owen Jones and Ash Sarkar. “I’ve come all the way down from the People’s Republic of Hackney,” Abbott said, “because you seem to have mislaid your Labour MP.”
My bold.
Some of the people who were interviewed by the NS didn't seem to understand how democracy works.

And at the end:-

But for now, the only by-election certain to take place is on 4 April in Newport West. In the contest to succeed Paul Flynn, who died last month, Labour will be defending a majority of 5,658.
Now that will be an interesting day.
Corbyn yet again has shown why he is utterly unfit for high office. The PM called in the leaders of the opposition to talk through what is a serious constitutional crisis. Once he saw that some of the TIGers were there, he stormed out.

You wouldn’t excuse that behaviour of a sixth form debating society.

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