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Comrade Corbyn to the fore - whither (or wither) the Labour Party?

I too remember Whet fondly. He was the first to respond to my very first post on Arrse. You're talking bollox was a masterpiece of succinct correspondence.

I do recall that he was on long term invalidity benefit due to narcolepsy - a tendency to fall asleep instantly and without control. He felt it only fair to notify prospective employers that he might keel over at any moment, going head first into an office shredder, a deep fat fryer or a colleague's forehead.

Despite this he never felt it necessary to relinquish his HGV licence.

I put him on ignore centuries ago and promtly forgot all about the dribbling loon.
Has he done the decent thing and kicked the bucket?
Run away now if you scare easily!
I've just done a quick search:
Last seen: Feb 17, 2014
His last post?
His Arrsepeadia entry (when he was Sven): https://www.arrse.co.uk/wiki/User:Sven
Oh I remember the pointless idiot well enough.
So he did die then?

I don't really care to be honest but thought it would be nice to start a rumour and make his ghost feel as if he was missed
Oh I remember the pointless idiot well enough.
So he did die then?
I don't really care to be honest but thought it would be nice to start a rumour and make his ghost feel as if he was missed
I've no idea if he's dead or alive. I was very much a newbie (as Pete_the_writer) in those days and never had anything to do with him.
Ok then Taffwob, as you disagree, which side is his part on? If you want to compare Corbyn Jr to Heydrich, at least find a picture of Heydrich rather than a bloody actor.
It isnt Heydrich, it's Amon Goth portrayed by Ralph Fiennes.
The cold, pitiless eyes that made the role so blood chilling is what I was referring to.

Hope that's cleared it up.
No way to talk about the former head of Interpol.

Anyway, Heydrich was organised. I cannot see him tolerating the policy chaos under the current lot.

Bit of a back handed compliment that he was (i believe) the sole high profile assassination operation backed by the SOE during the war.

An excellent (if chilling) guide to the Nazi police state and what happened in Op ANTHROPOID.

Assassination of Reinhard Heydrich by Callum MacDonald

Anyway, back to the chaotic nonsense.

Has Corby managed to STFU and get through Yom Kippur without being stupid?
That is worrying. Some people have a very strange understanding of the word Democracy.

My bold... I love the way people think that it was the ancient Greeks that started democracy. However when you look at that supposed Democratic society, you will see that it was far from what most people today think of as Democracy. Only the FREE male non slaves could vote, Women & slaves had NO say in politics . from Wiki.. "It is difficult to estimate the number of slaves in ancient Greece, given the lack of a precise census and variations in definitions during that era. It is certain that Athens had the largest slave population, with as many as 80,000 in the 6th and 5th centuries BC,[44] on average three or four slaves per household. In the 5th century BC, Thucydides remarked on the desertion of 20,890 slaves during the war of Decelea, mostly tradesmen. The lowest estimate, of 20,000 slaves, during the time of Demosthenes,[48] corresponds to one slave per family. Between 317 BC and 307 BC, the tyrant Demetrius Phalereus ordered[49] a general census of Attica, which arrived at the following figures: 21,000 citizens, 10,000 metics and 400,000 slaves "
You're forgetting that they're "one man, one vote, one time" democrats. There's clearly no need for further elections once you've voted the "correct" way...

My bold.. surely it one candidate from one party only, that's the way you get 100% support.

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