Comrade Corbyn to the fore - whither (or wither) the Labour Party?

Hey you know your politics ( Not to mention great TV shows ) , just a pity you didn't know the Hezbollah paymasters did indeed qualify
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The UK looks bloody ridiculous on the world stage and our once well earned reputation for stability and pragmatism is going out of the window, perhaps never to return.
The world stage is changing quite drastically. We now have a US president that drop kicks diplomatic protocol and consensus out of the park, a Russian premier that is waging overt warfare on the West in a gradual manner and a Chinese Premier that is lining himself up for an extended term. Couple that with technology developments that has made an online bookseller the 17th biggest outsourcer in the world and automation that will make millions of jobs (possibly not employees) redundant. The EU is in no fit state to weather any of these seismic shifts as they're too busy attempting to chastise, like some drunken bewildered self righteous aunt, the one world leader who could potentially help. In the mean time we have a bunch of pantomime villains in the form of HM opposition trying to unite a disjointed collection of protest groups with the debating capacity of the Saturday matinee audience against a bunch of out of touch PPE Graduates from Oxbridge who are too busy fighting for a blue over red passport to realise the voting populace is fed up.

... And breathe...
Speculation about the EU collapsing and attacking the messengers.
No, it's the political reality of the UK based on the current state of the polls.
UK Polling Report

As for the EU, the recent Italian election results were sufficient to panic them into a really dumb political move because they understand the reality of the Euro's flaws and they have no way of instituting the necessary fixes.

Brexit will damage the economy.
Almost certainly in the short term, possibly in the medium term, impossible to say in the long term. Further, membership of the EU has considerable social costs and impacts which do not appear on any balance sheet.

Most of the electorate will forget about the high minded constitutional issues that you apparently voted leave for once the economy tanks and they start losing their jobs.

The NE and Wales in particular.
Many Leavers accept that there will be some adverse impacts - and many of them have already suffered from wage undermining and restricted access to social provision so that the liberal middle classes could have cheaper plumbers and Tesco could make their business model work.

The NE and much of Wales isn't significantly on the Tory 'Most winnable seats' list.
Conservative Target Seats 2022 - Election Polling

The conservative party will carry the can for the failure.
I suspect that the ostentatious activities of the Remain campaign will be sufficient for them to wear the blame for any failure, particularly given that the House of Lords contingent plus Blair represents a who's who of politicians people love to hate. If Labour wants to capitalise on the Tory performance, they are going to have to come out strongly for a specific position or be held up to public ridicule.

Jeremy Corbyn upbraids Barry Gardiner over customs union split

Labours obvious flaws will pale into the background.
Unsubstantiated hyperbole - apart from anything else, Labour's shaky ceasefire won't last four years.

The EU isn't going to fall anytime soon. Like any political entity it can be perceived to be in a constant state of crisis, yet it it keeps on going.
Like the Holy Roman Empire it can certainly keep going but it will find it increasingly difficult to do anything other than buy loyalty.

1. The Euro's had it in its current form.
2. Schengen's hanging in rags.
3. No matter how 'European' Brussels wants to be, the reality is that it needs Germany's chequebook and France's status/military capabilities, therefore German and French interests will be disproportionately respected to the deep annoyance of everyone else.

The EU's under an unprecedented scrutiny and the Commission will not enjoy anything remotely approaching the free pass of the last forty or so years.

The UK looks bloody ridiculous on the world stage and our once well earned reputation for stability and pragmatism is going out of the window, perhaps never to return.
More blustering hyperbole with no substance whatsoever. We've had Suez, Bloody Sunday, a grovel to the IMF and a crash out of EMU, among other things, but somehow we're still here.

We're stable because of our constitution (which includes a responsive legislature and executive, made so by direct election) and we're anything but pragmatic given our willingness to wade into global conflicts (not to mention incurring massive financial damage more often than not) without being attacked ourselves.

Bottom line, it'll take more than a bad Brexit to put Corbyn into Number 10.

Anyway, you suggested that Labour's flaws will pale into the background so I'm off to ponder the concept of Diane Abbott paling into anything.


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You need to find some new material, your lame attempts at humor are third rate, predictable.
You leave our SPOTY alone! He is working very hard in retaining said title ;)
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