Comrade Corbyn to the fore - whither (or wither) the Labour Party?

Corbyn has said it was the right thing to do, it also means that from tomorrow onwards Livingstone start start to campaign for Labour again.
Livingstone said that he had been advised that his suspension may take a further two years to settle. He says he will now be free to campaign to support getting Corbyn into government.
I hate London Nazis

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A classic example of what Labour has become and what when in power they will be like.

Lewisham is having an election for a new MP as the old Labour MP has stood down as she prefers working with the Labour mayor than Corbyn. This has led to a by election, this is about a safe a seat as you can get 21K majority. So Labour have to choose a candidate, easy you would think.

Well it was a gender specific short list and a person of colour was a definite, so thats a black woman, no blackmen, white men, transvestites or even the best person for the job but a black woman shortlist.

This led to a shortlist which was whittled down, some eliminated however a list was settled upon. Lots of infighting emerged but finally a centerist candidate ememerged, Janet Daby.

Now you would think okay, lets move on and get Janet Daby elected MP but no she is not a Corbyn fan so the far left and Momentumm went to work and dug up dirt on one of her supporters Lewisham East Labour Party chair Ian McKenzie to get thier revenge.

He has now been suspended.

Would you vote for a party with this much in fighting, back biting and general nastyness about it, trust them to run a country?

A few links so you get the idea.

'Moderate' Janet Daby Wins Labour Lewisham By-Election Selection

The Lewisham East selection race reveals three splits in the Labour Party | LabourList

Labour First confirms McKenzie not welcome at events while suspended

Labour First’s McKenzie accused of question-tampering at Lewisham East hustings

Labour First trainer, Lewisham East CLP Chair’s vile sex-slave tweets with Labour complaints team
I have always said that Milne was a dangerous and powerful man behind the scenes. I never realised just how much influence he has though. Writing Ken's tweets FFS.
And as for Ken using the excuse, Seamus never told me not to mention Hitler! Did he tell you when to wipe Ken?!
Pity the didn't ask who would make a better Prime Minister, Jeremy Corbyn, Theresa May or a some bloke in the pub
No charge
Pity they didn't ask who would make a better Prime Minister, Jeremy Corbyn, Theresa May or a Tub of Lard

My bold.. oy you leave the Abottamus out of this, if she had been in the survey she would have a million % of the vote, well in her delude mind!
Its completely beyond a farce, how can a man even begin to represent Women.
When was the last time he got beaten up by his husband/partner.
Raped for being a woman,
Had to abort a baby because of the rape.
Had to abort a baby because of complications during pregnancy.
Some of the issue women have to go through because of various illness that affect women only.
Where will it end, will someone self identify as a pregnant woman to get maternity leave and then sue for discrimination when they don't get it

So they get paid maternity leave, rather than unpaid paternity leave when their missus gets up the duff


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It was bound to happen.
If he hadn't been identified as a Labour activist, one could easily imagine it was an Arsser extracting the urine.

I think he probably is extracting the urine, given what he said to The Telegraph:

"Mr Lewis said he stood as candidate to: "inform the CLP, and maybe some other people, about what this policy means, about what happens when you say that someone’s gender depends only on what they say and nothing else."

He added: "anyone else’s criticism or questions about my gender identity are just not relevant to the Labour Party at the moment, given the current policy. If I say I’m a woman, I’m a woman."

He does not, however, expect to win, explaining: "I am hoping that my local party will be sensible.""

To me that says that he finds the current policy risible, and is standing to highlight that.

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