Comrade Corbyn to the fore - whither (or wither) the Labour Party?

I laughed because of the entertaining swipe at Corbyn and his train journeys.

But then felt dirty laughing because of some bad connotations in history of train journeys...

Excuse me whilst I over think this, I'll be in the fit birds in uniform room.

What if one of them is really fit, but dressed in camp guard uniform?

Not any justification for what happened to her, which was all caught on camera, is it?
I didn't say it was did I? But she does need to man up a bit.
Taken from The Guardian PMQs section.

It may well be the case that there is more public support for May than Labour MPs (or Guardian readers) would care to admit when she says the public do want to see government crack down on illegal immigration.
To me a highly telling of the left mindset.
It would seem that one of O'Jeremy's minders is keeping lists:

"One of Jeremy Corbyn's key allies has warned MPs who attack the Labour leader over issues like anti-Semitism "in front of our enemy" that they "can expect to be held to account".
Unite leader Len McCluskey accused "Corbyn-hater MPs" of trying to "toxify the Labour Party" over anti-Semitism. . . "

McCluskey says MPs are 'smearing' Corbyn
It is just getting more sinister day by day. The problems with Welsh Labour as well just shows the intolerance the party has for any one not in tune. Even mild critique is attacked.
What if one of them is really fit, but dressed in camp guard uniform?

I was actually going to look for the IDF ladies.

I don't find commissars or SS She Wolf's a turn on. I am a bit dull like that.
It's entryism. After WW2, people saw that Soviet Communism wasn't anything like the bed of roses that it was made out to be. The commies lost all of their MPs in the first election after the war.

Their response was to look to the Labour party and the unions. As Tony Blair once said, "The Labour Party in the 70s and the 80s was controlled by people like Tony Benn and Arthur Scargill". This led to the Loony Left era and Labour's generation in the wilderness.

Perhaps Tony's greatest achievement was putting the nutters in a box, nailing down the lid and throwing the whole lot into the sea. When Gordon Brown took power, he was too busy saving the world to worry about all those equality managers, diversity consultants and arguments about whether "black" should be spelled with a capital B.

From little acorns do mighty oaks grow and now we see the the hard left's best chance for power for 70 years. All of those socialist workers, British communists and communists of Britain have flocked to join the party that will bring Marxism into our lives.

Last time round Maggie and, to a lesser extent, Tony crushed the hard left. This time, it might be more difficult. Lefties are so ingrained at the grassroots of the party that even a catastrophic loss at the next election might not unseat Jeremy. If it does, he might be replaced by an equally nutty fruitcake.
One of the problems at present, and all charity and voluntary NGO type organizations, based on my recent experience, are finding acute problems finding people to work for nothing. It's a generational change of attitude. So, you pitch up, join, pay any dues, turn up on a regular basis and do some work, soon as you know it you will be arm twisted into an exec position, in particular secretary or treasurer. On your way to power! OK some chairman and presidents are old buffers who have been in post far to long but when they drop off their perch or are carried out dribbling, hey presto you have complete power over the local branch. I think this is what has happened to Lab.
His response is already out. It’s completely the opposite to the JBD statement minus any detail, which tends to show where the truth lies. The JBD statement is full of detail about what was discussed and the failures of JC to deal with any of it. JC’s is just platitudes and no detail at all.
Me thinks this will not end in 'and they all lived happily ever after' , rather a few windows will be broken? not nice.

Not me mate but at the end of the day a fit bird in a leather miniskirt and a tight blouse* is rarely a mistake.

Well, I wouldn’t take one to my Nan’s funeral.

*historically accurate
I'm not saying I wouldn't smash Helga, of course.

I'm only flesh and blood you know.


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