Comrade Corbyn to the fore - whither (or wither) the Labour Party?


It wasnt John Bercow in the chair when Abbott was speaking.
I believe it was Dame Rosie Winterton.
Thanks. Didn't notice that but thought the voice calling Mr. Mann was male. Maybe the Speaker stepped out too..
I think technically, anything out of Abbott’s mouth can be classified as filibuster.


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One does wonder what Bercow actually thinks about JC (but can't say), Bercow being, I believe, of (Romanian) Jewish extraction himself according to Wiki.
Surprised thought he was made of more teflon than tony blair
To paraphrase (in terms of his involvement with Carl Sargeant) "We know what he did"
Corbynista Fire Brigade....

On similar logic, can you and any other Englishmen posting here please piss off back to Northern Germany so those of us of Welsh descent can have our ancestral homelands back?
and they were? Listen chum we had a score draw at Cregganford aka Novio Magus ( latterly Crayford) in around 425 ad when you're lot tried to renege on a deal that got us here in the first place and your lot accepted that. That was Angles United v British Wanderers. Hence you lot are called Welsh not Brits as opposed to ancient Britons. It was a Bit like Brexit in that the remainers didn't like it. If Brexit gets like that in 1800 years we'll still be at it. :mrgreen:

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