Computer Virus making scum!!!

Whats do you think of people who create viruses?

  • Pathetic scummy knobbers?

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  • Geniuses, who are showing us the errors of Microsoft?

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What satisfaction do they get from sitting in their berooms, with their long greasy ginger hair in a ponytail, surfing the net and infecting people who are innocently downloading the Abi Titmuss movie? It has now emailes itself to everyone i know, and robbed me of an evening of my life trying to fix it! SCUMMY DIRTY VIRGINOUS MASTURBATING GEEKS!!!!
Beware of geeks bearing gifts... Especially the abi titmus video. If you're going to mess around with such girls then Use Protection!. Also take a look at Firewall

If you go downloading dodgy material of a young lady who didn't consent to having herself slashed naked all over the net for people such as yourself to get RSI from then..... You need to be careful. Anyway it's kinda ironic that you try to invade her privacy (ok she's got none left, thousands have probably seen the vid), but then your's gets violated.
Where's you AV software and firewall? You've only yourself to blame.
Speedy said:
Where's you AV software and firewall? You've only yourself to blame.
I've got a firewall, use firefox and have more virus protection than you can shake a stick at, and even so I spent most of yesterday cleaning trojans from my hard-drive. It's just an occupational hazard if you use a pc and yes, the geeky cnuts should have their balls fed into the salivating jaws of a very large dog.
I hate Microsoft with a passion. I only use XP because it is compatible with the software I use. But these scum aren't hurting MS as much as they are hurting us. I had to do a full recovery a couple of months ago. Lost some work in the process too. No firewall or AV software is foolproof.

People who write viruses should be used for dog food.
As above, i use 2 firewalls, anti-virus software and firefox, but it got me. The abi video was a bit of fun, i have no idea where it came from. I just don't see what they get out of it.


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If you don't know where it came from, you shouldn't have opened it.

As for what they get out of it? Probably a sick sense of achievement.
Well i mean i dont know which file it could've been. im not a computer virgin, i DO understand that opening attachments is risky, id've only opened it if it came from a trusted source, and not if it said "you remember these pics?.exe" or "this is my new email address.pif". I just dont see why they do it in in the first place.
stupid knob guzzlers fucked up my last pc ssssooooo much!!!they should get a job and not get fat in front of the computer....on the bright side none of them probably have sex (since being shut up in a room for 24 hours a day doesnt give a lot of time for socialising) well apart from with their pc :)

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