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Discussion in 'Hardware - PCs, Consoles, Gadgets' started by Taffnp, Sep 5, 2010.

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  1. Have revamped my old PC, removed two drives and put the old motherboard etc in a new smaller case.

    When I press the power switch, nothing happens. I can hear power going into the system and after about a minute, when I press the switch again it powers up. There is no LED power light on the switch but it runs ok.

    I think it may be the PSU, any ideas ?
  2. Check you have wired up the buttons correctly.

    Take it out and refit it in the old case and check if you get the same problems.

    Google "case model number"+"power up"+"problems"
  3. unplug as much as you can , such as cd drives etc

    if no improvement start swapping things like psu etc
  4. Did you connect all the PSU leads? Both the main rectangular pin set AND the square 4 pin (sometimes 6) lead. A mistake I have made many many times before, but then I am quite thick.
  5. Sorry if this sounds silly, but did you switch on at the mains? If you are using a multiple socket, you may have turned on the switch on the wrong side.
  6. Double check all your connections. Not just cables, but check all the components are clipped / seated in correctly.

    From what you say, you can hear it starting, so power is getting to some components. So it doesn't sound like my usual where I forget to cable the on button. Check it if the LED isn't lighting up as you say - maybe oddly cabled. As two_of-seven says if it's a lower powered PSU than previously (or you've lobbed in loads more new kit, it could be struggling, so try unplugging some of the bells and whistles. USB stuff, sound cards.

    Make sure the monitor is plugged in on the correct interface. Does the graphics card have an external power source, is that plugged in? It most likely is a cable trouble, it usually something I've forgotten to plug in correctly, or seat correctly when I have that trouble.
  7. It sounds like either a fault connection in on of the cables running to the motherboard or the motherboard itself.

    Can you be any my specific?
  8. Just a thought... If you have checked all the above carefully then before your machine gets into the boot process it should do a POST (Power On Self Test). This will result in a sequence of beeps and the lights on the keyboard will flash in a particular sequence. Does this happen? If so then note down what happens (beeps and lights) and go looking in Google for your particular motherboard's POST signals.

    This might (or might not) give you a clue as to where to start looking.
  9. Am taking it to a computer man tomorrow. Can't be bothered to sit and try and get my chubby hands to unplug the power switch connectors then by the process of elimination change them over. Will let you know how I got on
  10. Took it to the computer man, said it was either the Mobo or PSU, phoned me back an hour later, PSU. £25 all done :)