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Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by KhakiCrab, Apr 14, 2008.

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  1. I should point out that it's 4 years since I was Army, and even then we were a unit that didn't have any of those fancy computer thingies (no, really! The amount of heated conversations I had that started, 'didn't you get the email...?')

    Therefore I don't know how the Army manages the IT side of life these days, but perhaps you have the same issues as I have with Crab Air.

    Our 'helpdesk' facility appears to exist exclusively to log reported physical faults (e.g. 'my printer doesn't work...etc, etc,) and arrange for it to be fixed. They don't appear to offer any 'help' when you ask questions about particular applications. The DS answer is that we should have all done our ECDL. Well, I've done ECDL and it didn't have anthing meaningful in it when it comes to troubleshooting application problems.

    So...WHO are we supposed to turn to for advice???

    I keep getting "System Administrator - Undeliverable" replies to emails and cannot find out for love nor money why. One particular batch of addressees is most perplexing because half the bods in that location get my email, but the other half don't. I get an error report that says, 'a syntax error was detected in the content of your message', whatever the Hell that means - and since it was exactly the same email as the one the other bods got, why didn't the same 'fault' apply to all the emails?

    Anyway, going back to my central rant, if there is anyone reading this that is involved in or understands MoD IT policy, can they explain the gap in support that exists when you have problems with particular software applications - i.e. there is none :evil:
  2. have you tried switching it off and back on again?

  3. Simple reason. All helpdesk people are network/hardware "specialists".

    Application assistance is availabe from the applications Help file, the applications manual or in really difficult cases the application manufacture.

    Oh and in all cases please reboot the PC and stop phoning the nohelpdesk.

    Have a nice day! :twisted:
  4. In my experiance, all "Helpdesk" people are mongs!
  5. To coin a phrase "Mongy see mongy do"?
  6. Do what we did with the Unimong 'qume' terminals and sabotage the damn things. The paperwork burden magically migrates back to the clerks where it should be in the first place.

    Set up your out of office autoreply an amazingly conicidental five minutes before the 'fault' occurs.

    If an email is important enough, it tends to find you...
  7. As that appears to be a problem with the mail network your sys admin should be able to sort it.....unless ofcourse YOU are the sysadmin bod.
  8. I thought most helpdesks were in Bangalore, and offered free ringdings with your internet service providings. Or is that just BT, Virgin and all credit card customer services?
  9. Ah ha!

    Methinks you're someone who 'understands' IT?

    Well I'm afraid I don't. Who is likely to be my 'sys admin', whateverthehell one of those is?