computer mong

to be fair im a reet computer div so how do i get them small vids of at the bottom of my posts? I particulary liked the well proportioned girl doing a bit of a jiggle, clearly i dont get out much


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Although I do urge you not to. They are massively annoying and not even slightly funny.
Its a special picture that is animated...not quite a movie. When you find the picture (image) you want on the internet, copy the address in the URL line on your browser, go to the signature bit on arrse and click on the image button then paste the address of the image and then press the image button again...then save your signature.
If you can show me where the image is, I'll PM you what you need to copy and paste along with instructions of where to put it!

Now as this os the Naafi: You feckin old Cnut retard, my two year old nephew can embed an image! ;)

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