Computer literati - advise please?

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Sparky2339, Jun 26, 2008.

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  1. Firstly apologies for the ungodly hour....

    But, if you're like my brother your probably tapping away at all hours (unusually he seems to be asleep for once).

    I got AVG8 free version a few days ago and had nothing but problems since.

    IE7 failing, start up ptroblems, not being able to click on a linky etc an absolute 'mare. I've uninstalled it and everything seems to be fine now.

    My question is - do I need it? Will windows defender be enough?

    Any help would be appreciated. Thank You
  2. Not being a card-carrying IT geek, I can't give you a definitive answer. Wife has AVG8 installed on her laptop and it has slowed it down considerably (to the point where she often gives up).

    I tried Windows Defender when it first came out (when it wasn't supposed to be available in the UK) and was quite impressed, though I've no way of knowing just how effective it really was. I've always used Spybot S&D and Adaware and found that they still had some work to do.

    When ntl (later Virgin Media) brought out Netguard, I dropped Defender (it was conflicting) and found that Spybot and Adaware had less to do. I now run them about once a month, whereas before I felt obliged to run them a couple of times per week.

    If you're a Virgin Media subscriber, I'd recommend that you download Netguard.
  3. Me neither Puttees :D

    I loaded AVG8 on my sister's pc running XP and she's had no probs. I had no probs with AVG7.5 but not sure if its available now.

    Everything seems to be back to normal now and much faster thankfully.

    Think I'll go back to being a luddite - life was so much simpler then :D

    But totally hooked on arrse so I won't - best forum on the planet.

    Thanks for taking the time to reply - much appreciated.

  4. msr

    msr LE

  5. Many Thanks MSR :D

    Will heed your advice - where would we be without arrse?

    There should be a section in basic training about the benefits of arrse for the newbies, and the PTI's should have a secondary goal - not just to get the soldiery battle fit but fit enuff to outrun the ghurkas when there's a slot on the internet cafe :D

    No offence Johhny Ghurka but we know how addicted you are to online bingo!!!
  6. You can probably be able to find AVG 7.5 for download some where google is your friend i might even have the install for it.
  7. Thanks to everyone for your advice.

    Just back online after sorting out my laptop. Widny start - start up repair gave up the ghost etc etc.

    Did the adminstrator thing and went back to a restore point - et voila!!!

    AVG8??? - hell hath no fury like AVG8 scorned!!!

    Unfortunate thing about laptops/pc's with pre-installed software is...

    I was in the habit of doing a re-format evry now n then and re-installing my software etc - can't do that now hmmmm....

    Anyway thanks again to all who helped. It's very much appreciated :D

  8. I was the same until...

    "Do you want to format the hard disk?"
    "Are you sure?"
    "Are you really, really sure?"
    "Are you really, really sure that you want to format the HARD DISK?"
    "YES! YES! YES!"

    On reflection, I think it was trying to warn me that formatting the hard disk wasn't a good idea. Even the IT geek at work can't install an operating system.
  9. What you should get your hands on is a copy of Norton Ghost. Build your machine the way you want it, take a ghost image and store it in a separate rescue partition on your hard disk. (If you are running XP Home Edition you can create a partition using Partition Magic from( If you are using XP Pro, simply right click on my computer/manage/disk manager and you can create a partition in the unused elements of your drive). Store the Norton Ghost image on that. If you want to restore your machine back to the original image, boot the machine and keep pressing F11 until the machine boots back into Norton Ghost PC DOS mode, and before you know it you have a nice clean machine with your own default settings.

    DG (Card Carrying Microsoft/CompTIA/Cisco Nerd)