computer illiterate mong requires help!



I want to add a picture to a post but the option available when writing posts asks for a URL.
The pic I want to use is saved on my pc in 'my pictures', is it possible to add this?

If this is a stupid question then I apologise, as the title suggests, I'm a mong when it comes to IT.

Any suggestions welcome.....
You can use a service like

Just click the "browse" bar there, then decide the pic you want to upload and finally click "host it".

After a few seconds a new window will appear with some links for websites, forums, hotlinks etc.
Just copy and paste the link into your message here.

Edit: Damn´ I am getting old and slow.
All that to show us a piccy of Daly Thompson dressed as a small town US cop, with a swearword underneath. Jesus :wink:
how do I post a pic in pets? It doesn't come up on the options thingy

no I mean pets doesn't come up on arrse as an option.............

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