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Just wondered if anyone can provide a solution to my problem... everytime I click on a link in arrse then come back i get a message saying internet explorer is encountering a problem , which then closes my internet connection.
Any ideas anyone??

I have been having problems with IE recently. Everything kept locking up. The problem was the Yahoo internet browser (installed as part of BT internet setup) which although I was not using, was obviously running in the background. When I got the message that IE had experienced a problem, do you want to report it, I finally said yes the read the causes, one was a problem with Yahoo and a link to the update. Since then, everything is working Ok. Hope this helps. OTT
Who is your Internet Service Provider?
Its Btinterent for me too. I experience the same problem and find by turning my router off at the plug for a few seconds resolves the occasional problem.
Just a couple of guess's..
Try turning off your pop up blocker.....
Tools - internet options - privacy - clear the box at the bottom of the page 'turn on pop up blocker'

While your on tha box set the internet zone to medium
Tools - internet options - privacy - select a setting for internet zone
drag bar to 'medium

Internet security level too high?
Tools - internet options - security
drag the bar set to 'medium high'

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