Computer graphics - where do you get your capbadges from?

Discussion in 'Seniors' started by tiffybox, Jun 28, 2006.

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  1. Does the army still provide a CD with all the common capbadges on? If so, where can I get a copy?

  2. I use Google, for searches just type in the Regiment, hit search and click the images button !
  3. Like this

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  4. Or this

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  5. Or this

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  6. dont spam please!
  7. Wasnt a spam, he asked I got.
  8. where does it say he asked for you to post capbadges?
  9. tiffybox I got a load on my work computer here, if you give an E Mail adress I could send them to you.
  10. Are you on DII? There is a site that does them. Do the usual search rubbish
  11. A few years ago used to have a link to images of cap badges. This link has since disappeared. A bit of a search has revealed that the pages still exist, though are now within a press centre part of the site. Unfortunately, it seems that you need permissions to get into it. Surprisingly, the images themselves are accessible via a Google image search, just not the index.

    "" shows one of the badges, but you can't move further up the address.
  12. I dont understand....

    We all have to use cap badge illustrations and logos for office stuff but nobody knows where or if we have a central library? Surely this cant be right?

    I have followed the link above but it just gives you a few photo scans of cap badges, not illustrations (drawings).

    In 1998 I was given a CD titled the British Army Design Library that had ALL the capbadges on, all the logo's and all the letter templates. It was an official disc that was intended to make sure we all started to use the same graphics for our letter heads etc... It obviously hasnt worked has it.

    I am stunned to read that in order to get an illustration we have to "google" it :( Sad times
  13. Yes, the site used to have both graphic images and photographs - you had to register and wait a couple of days before you were granted access, but they were all there. I presume the files are still in the system somewhere, but the page to access it has disappeared.
  14. Is it not part of the JSP 101 disk??

  15. Any ALS will have the CD rom with ARMY Pictures on it, includes capbadges in B/W and colour.

    Hope this helps.