Computer Graphics - Para Regt wings needed

I would not usually transgress into the seniors forum, its only my age that permits. But do any of you out there have para wings on computer, preferably a bitmap image. Its for engraving onto desk plaques. Everyone keeps asking and its the one of the few things I don't have. Ive tried the usual google and para websites to no avail.
Many thanks in advance.
That's what I thought, as the wings alone would look a bit boring as an engraving. Just my opinion, though.
Thanks for the images guys. Fallschirmjager you are right its just the wings im after. Puttees, yes wings would look dull by themselves but they are usually paired with the persons cap badge on the other end of the plaque. Still if anyone else still has images i would be gratefull, its all trial and error to get the best result.
cheers again.
Can't resist. Fingers moving by self.

What, nobody got any brown ones :? :twisted:
Thanks for all the pics, finally got it nailed. We can put this one to bed. Next up anyone have the new lancs badge? Yet another request at work.
Must get a few pics and show the end results.
Cheers again.

ps. baron, engraving brown wings, how painfull would that be.

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