Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by drilller, Nov 19, 2005.

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  1. :!::cry::mad:

    I have some how managed to get a virous on my Desktop. I need to get it off as soon as poss because I have some very important files on it and I can't lose them, is there any thing I can do? I can't back the files up as they are also infected so what can I do?
  2. unplug and take to the nice man at pc world who will virus clean for about thirty quid
  3. Sixty

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    Tauscan it yourself for no money whatsoever.
  4. Good CO

    Good CO LE Admin

    Download AVG antivirus (free).

    Don't choose to upgrade during install or it'll install a trial of the pay-for-it-version.

    If you're doing a really good clean ad-aware is free and very good (for malicious 'spy ware' and some virus recognition): Also spybot:

    Don't be persuaded to install Norton Anti-virus! It costs money and it takes your PC over. Once you've got it you'll never get rid off it. AVG is just as good and uses less system resources.
  5. Run Norton (or equivalent) Anti Virus if you have it. It will detect and name the virus. It may be able to remove it too. If not, and you know what the virus is called, type in the name of the virus in to Google, and it may send you to an info site about the particular virus which may contain a downloadable virus removal program. If all else fails, then the only solution is to take it in to PC World or the like, and hand it over to one of the 'MacDonald's workers with a GCSE' types.

    Good luck
  6. Wish I'd known that a few weeks ago... :roll: :(
  7. Go out and by Norton Internet Security, it only cost about £35. In addition to the anti-virus software you get a firewall, intrusion detection, spam filters and privacy controls. You can also pay an annual subscription to ensure you get all the updates via the internet (I do). Its pretty good value.
  8. macafee works great for me, free updates and all kinds of good stuff like that!
  9. avast also do a good free anti-virus software

    and spyware doctor is a fairly good for spyware
  10. Hey,

    I can help you out immediately at:

    Follow the instructions for posting a Hijackthis Log.
    The whole process will be very quick, and it's all free :)
  11. That's what you get for downloading dodgy porn.
  12. lol thats why i had to get macafee
    the shop guy gave me a funny look when i said why i need "a good virus thingy"
  13. How do you know you have a virus, and if you do what virus is it (there are different fixes for different viruses), if you dont what is happening to make you think you have a virus.
  14. If you have problems downloading AV programs, has a good on-line virus scanner. You can also access free virus removal tools.