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Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by Gunny Highway, May 10, 2004.

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  1. Anyone know the command you type in the command prompt to bring up all the applications and settings on your PC?
  2. have you tried typing in 'msconfig' in the RUN window? just a thought
  3. Not recognised in XP. Tanx anywhoooo.
  4. yes it is, i have xp too, trust me
  5. yes it is gunny!! did you forget to hit the enter key after!! :lol: if not try sysedit..
  6. Not from the command prompt.
  7. Never trust a cat. They might go to sleep on your face while you are asleep and suffocate you. (How Bert-like does that sound?????) Help!
  9. no try from the run command
  10. see what ya mean now gunny but from the run command in the start menu it does... just trying to help.

    dont have to trust a cat but this cat works in IT
  11. or try regedit.... actually dont, had a bad experience in there... say no more! :lol:
  12. <Bert nods, smiling>
  13. Okay, I'll start again, my fault, should have explained more. There is a command you can type in at the command prompt that lists all the applications, users, settings, IP address, listening ports, etc, etc on your PC. It is more in detail then any of the above.
  14. Gunny, in xp, in the command window use change directory to get to:


    Then type msconfig and the application will start. In good old dos fashion you have to be in the directory where the application resides to run it.

  15. good luck with it Gunny... don't you just love Windows at times ------ not!