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BigCat said:
yes it is, i have xp too, trust me
Never trust a cat. They might go to sleep on your face while you are asleep and suffocate you. (How Bert-like does that sound?????) Help!
see what ya mean now gunny but from the run command in the start menu it does... just trying to help.

dont have to trust a cat but this cat works in IT
Okay, I'll start again, my fault, should have explained more. There is a command you can type in at the command prompt that lists all the applications, users, settings, IP address, listening ports, etc, etc on your PC. It is more in detail then any of the above.
Gunny, in xp, in the command window use change directory to get to:


Then type msconfig and the application will start. In good old dos fashion you have to be in the directory where the application resides to run it.

Thanks to everyone, but there is a one word simple command (not application) you can type in to get this info in one go. It takes an instant list/snap shot of everything on your PC. I was using it only last month, but I have totally forgotten the word. Buttocks and tanx.
are you sure that the command exists in the command interpreter? You have to remember its just that and not a full dos version. The command may have been included in earlier versions, but not anymore (now they supply tools like system information and the management console).

I cant find anything in the dos prompt help either that does what you describe, but i cut my IT teeth in NT4.0 so was never a dos geek.


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