Computer Aided Design Solidworks

My background is in engineering design and I've been a MicroStation user for over 12 years.

However, nowadays, contracting jobs seem to require Solidworks more than anything else. As a sole contractor I can't afford a licence for this and i can't get a "training" or student licence to get myself up to speed on it.

Any Solidworks users out there who may be able to assist?
At one point there used to be a limited trial version available. I don't know if they still provide it, but it might be worth downloading and working through the included tutorials.
We tend to use Pro-E rather than Solidworks but as you say i've seen a lot of Solidworks jobs out there.

Can you get an old version cheap on e-bay or similar? You could probably torrent a dodgey copy.

there are a whole host of tutorials both on the solidworks site and youtube etc, which might help you get some understanding.


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